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Opening all URLs with Cordova's ChildBrowser Plugin

Opening all URLs with Cordova’s ChildBrowser Plugin

September 24, 2012

For anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Cordova you may hit this wall if you had to…

Tinting your Status Bar in iOS6 and Cordova

Tinting your Status Bar in iOS6 and Cordova

September 21, 2012

One of the new “features” of iOS 6 is that you can now tint the status bar. Instead of Default…


Enable Remote Debugging with Safari Web Inspector in iOS 6

September 19, 2012

*NOTE: You will need to upgrade to Safari version 6.0 to enable this functionality. * With the recent release of…

Fix Orientation Change Bug in Android with Sencha Touch

Fix Orientation Change Bug in Android with Sencha Touch

September 18, 2012

Millions of devices in the market rely on Android Browser as a platform for web application delivery, even through PhoneGap/Cordova…

Monit - Easy Monitoring

Monit – Easy Monitoring

August 30, 2012

I recently started working on a project using delayed_job as a queuing system for sending batch email.  The email being…

Getting the most out of the Lean Startup Machine Workshop

Getting the most out of the Lean Startup Machine Workshop

August 7, 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this past weekend’s Lean Startup Machine held at The Fort. My presentation from Saturday morning…

Efficient DOM and CSS Operations

Efficient DOM and CSS Operations

August 6, 2012

Eventually, the output of our web applications end up displayed as a part of user interface (UI). In our previous…

JS Performance Tips and Tricks

JavaScript Performance Tips & Tricks

July 31, 2012

Some say spending time developing for performance is not worth it when hardware upgrades are usually a cheaper alternative. If…

Sencha Touch 2.0 - Carousel and fireShowEvent()

Sencha Touch 2.0 – Carousel and fireShowEvent()

July 16, 2012

Recently, I came across a requirement where I needed to know when a Sencha Touch 2.0 Carousel Item is shown…


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