Dark abstract background conveying digital talent

Digital product development is booming

By Modus Create

A clear strategy to innovate and modernize products and applications is necessary to future-proof digital transformation.

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Abstract background that showcases digital UX

To modernize digital products, prioritize UX

By Modus Create

New research on Digital Transformation and Product Development reveals that enterprise leaders are prioritizing UX investments.

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Boris Borenberg, VP of Product at Modus Create, talks about go-to-market

Don’t obsess over your product — obsess over your market

By Boris Berenberg

There’s an old SaaS adage: first-time founders worry about the product, second-time founders worry about go-to-market. Here’s why it still rings true.

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Green background conveying digital transformation

To achieve digital transformation, you need capable digital talent 

By Modus Create

The biggest challenge for technology organizations today is not the tech stack; it’s finding capable digital talent to manage the technology.

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A blue background representing information that could be vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches

Digital transformation isn’t possible without cybersecurity

By Modus Create

New research on digital transformation and product development identifies cybersecurity as a significant focus for enterprises.

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Digital transformation is more than AI: you still need a customer-focused strategy

By Patrick Sheridan

From AI and digital strategy to cybersecurity and customer experience, these are the top 5 digital transformation trends shaping 2024.

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