Building a WebSocket Server Using AWS API Gateway

This post will teach you how to create a WebSocket server to attend to millions of simultaneous connections. We will build the WebSocket server with a serverless architecture using the…

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Integrating Security Into Your CI/CD Pipelines

How can I deliver software faster, more frequently, and with lower risks and costs?  Every software leader thinks about this question and relies on automation to fight the battle on…

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Financial Companies and the Cloud: 5 Major Trends

Spurred by the pandemic, financial companies have accelerated digital transformation, including cloud computing. Among many benefits, cloud technology helps financial companies meet the evolving needs of consumers and lower infrastructure…

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5 Reasons to Love Ionic Appflow

Developing apps for your business has never been easier, faster, and cheaper. Hybrid app development has gone mainstream with dozens of options available at your fingertips — from UI toolkits and…

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You Can Fake Agile. But You Can’t Fake Automation.

It’s been 30 years since the creation of the agile manifesto. And yet, agile remains misunderstood by the vast majority.  When any idea becomes corporatized, it can turn into a…

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Application Modernization Guide for Enterprises

At Modus Create, we continue to see many companies’ mission-critical applications that are monolithic and hosted on-premises. Monolithic applications, also called “monoliths,” are characterized by a single code base with…

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Modus Create Acquires European Software Engineering Firm Tweag

We are excited to announce that Modus Create has acquired Tweag, a software engineering company providing high levels of software assurance to its clients in the fintech, biopharma, and autonomous…

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10 Cybersecurity Threats to Consider in 2022

Cyber security threats can lead to the loss of confidential information, disruption of essential services, and damage to your critical infrastructure. There are many potential cyber security threats, and it…

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Atlas Authority

Modus Create Expands Atlassian Offerings & Expertise with Atlas Authority Acquisition

We are excited to announce that Modus Create has acquired Atlas Authority, a full-service consulting firm specialized in implementing and customizing Atlassian software. The acquisition will add additional certified experts…

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