Why I Became a Software Engineer at Modus

Why I Became a Software Engineer at Modus Create

Phoenix Do was studying finance and all set for a career on Wall Street. So, what inspired him to get into software development and intern at Modus Create?

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Jira 101 Epics

Jira 101: Epics

Senior Atlassian Consultant Josh Kochelek breaks down Epics in Jira, key features, and how to use them to organize and plan your teams’ work.

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A Guide to Windows 10

A Microsoft Hater’s Guide to Windows 10

Modus Create Architect Michael Schwartz discusses Windows 10 version 2004, WSL, and shares why the OS now has his support.

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ESLinting TypeScript

Lint and Style Your TypeScript Code with ESLint and Prettier

Write better code with ESLint and Prettier. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to integrate linting and code styling into your workflow with TypeScript.

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Picturing the World in 2030

Road to 2030 – Picturing the Future of Work

COVID-19 caused businesses across the globe to ponder the future of work. What will the next 10 years look like? From unprecedented connectivity to more powerful processing, we share our thoughts on the next inflection point in the global economy.

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Modus Create is an Atlassian Partner

Modus Create is Now an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner

We are thrilled to announce that Modus Create has achieved the highest level of Atlassian solution expertise – Platinum Enterprise Solution Partner. Atlassian awards this title to consultants that meet their highest training criteria and have a proven practice that can scale from small to large customers.

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Laravel Serverless Apps

How to Build a Serverless Application Using Laravel and Bref

Since the release of AWS Lambda, serverless architecture has grown more popular within the software development community. Our Laravel Community of Experts shares how to easily create a serverless application using Laravel and Bref.

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Modus 10th Anniversary

10 Years of Modus Create

It’s been ten years since Pat Sheridan and Jay Garcia co-founded Modus Create with the goal to revolutionize the consulting industry. On our 10th anniversary, we look back at the creation of Modus and our decade in business.

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Bug Tail

The Importance of Bug Tail

Not all bugs need to be fixed. But before deeming an issue too costly to fix or not worth your time, consider the bug tail. Read more about the importance of low priority bugs and the impact of bug tail.

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Authoring Docker for Developers

Authoring “Docker for Developers” for Packt Publishing

Three Modus Employees recently released Docker for Developers. Read about the creative process and how the book turned out.

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