Getting Started with XState, React and Typescript (Part 2)

Solve the pain points that come with traditional methods of managing state in a React project with state machines. Set up a state machine in a simple React project with XState and Typescript with this short tutorial.

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An Overview of Unit, Integration, and E2E Testing

Manual testing is simply navigating through your product and seeing if it will behave as expected or not. To some extent, this is a good thing to do. It’s always helpful to use your own application.   However, automated tests speed up your development flow and give you a quick way to identify issues, break changes…

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Introduction to Flutter Widget Testing

Writing tests for applications is not the most fun task. We get so excited about seeing our code running in production that we don’t think it might fail.  This is about to change. Flutter tests Have you heard of Flutter? No? Let’s fix that. Flutter is the thing for mobile development these days. Powered by Dart, Flutter…

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Application Modernization Isn’t Just Fighting Legacy Tech

When radical innovations were rare, businesses could afford to treat application modernization as a sporadic reaction to change. A decade ago, most organizations modernized only when they were compelled to. However, in the era of open-source and continuous innovation, modernization can’t be an isolated, one-off project. Businesses need to embrace a culture that celebrates change…

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5 Ways to Unlock the Agile Mindset

Business as usual isn’t good enough for organizations in the digital age.  In today’s world, a slight change in the existing business ecosystem can have massive repercussions for the people, processes, and technologies involved. Organizations that refuse to adopt an Agile mindset can jeopardize their entire business. Recent occurrences in the world, including the pandemic,…

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App Clips - Blog Banner

8 Tips to Build Your App Clip

Apple announced App Clips at last year’s WWDC14. If you’re not familiar with them yet, they are bite-sized apps that your users can use without having to take a trip to the App Store. In other words, App Clips offer your users an opportunity to experience your app before downloading it from the app store….

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User Personas

Create User Personas You’ll Actually Use

Most user personas are a great way to understand the hobbies of fictional Shutterstock characters, not so much for elevating product development.  Personas can be like gym memberships. Everyone buys one at some point but doesn’t always use it. Recent years have witnessed a backlash in the UX community against traditional user personas, causing teams…

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7 Principles of Open Source Leadership

As lockdowns ease in various parts of the world, many organizations are calling their staff back to the office. But the employees have had enough.   Dubbed the Great Resignation, people are quitting jobs in droves. According to the Labor Department, 4 million Americans left their jobs in April 2021 – a 20-year record.  Experts believe…

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AI in software testing

Need for AI and ML in Software Testing

The surface area for testing software has never been so broad. Today’s applications interact with other applications through APIs, leverage legacy systems, and grow in complexity from one day to the next in a nonlinear fashion. Testing apps require a bigger budget for tools and resources compared to programming. Every organization today is hunting for…

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Cybersecurity in M&A (3)

Cybersecurity Matters More Than Ever in M&As

A robust security posture should be a strategic goal regardless of the size and nature of a business. However, there are certain stages in a company’s life when they are particularly vulnerable.  For example, high-growth startups often double down on their IT security measures just before raising funding. Similarly, enterprises take data security risks more…

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