Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides the most comprehensive set of cloud services available. Supporting everything from data storage to databases, AWS provides a mechanism for businesses to replicate their data center or aspects of it in a metered, scalable, cloud infrastructure. It is Modus’ recommended cloud provider for all our clients, from startups to Fortune 100.

Migrating to cloud and hybrid solutions can be complicated, but the Modus team has a track record of deploying AWS using infrastructure-as-code strategies and working with agile transformation. That track record is reinforced by us being an AWS Consulting Partner. We bring a curated team to your project with experts who deeply understand the complexities of data center migration, especially in highly regulated industries.


Amazon offers an unparalleled set of cloud services.


Modus’ deep experience makes us the best resource out there for enabling agile transformation within your organization.


Our process provides an experienced team of subject matters experts who collaborate with stakeholders to produce a customized roadmap.

Current-To-Future State Workshop

Through in-person workshops and interviews, our experts can create a custom-tailored roadmap for Amazon Web Services migration.

Cloud Migration

Modus reduces migration risks by evaluating existing infrastructure, drafting, and executing on a plan to move mission-critical applications to the cloud.

DevOps and Automation

We’ll help increase your speed to market with AWS-compatible Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) workflows, and cost-reducing high-availability automation processes.

AWS Risk Management

Ensure your cloud infrastructure leverages the Amazon Web Services tools for early disaster recovery and continuity.


Modus will implement AWS best practices for security to ensure your data and intellectual property stays safe.

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