What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

They provide the most comprehensive set of cloud services available. Period. Here we need some more content to fill up the paragraph and balance it nicely like the rest of the points!

Why our partnership with AWS matters?

Migrating to the cloud can be complicated, but Modus’ team makes it as straightforward and simple as possible. That’s because we’ll bring a curated team to your project with experts who deeply understand the complexities of data center migration, especially in highly regulated industries.

Modus’ experts have a track record of deploying AWS using infrastructure-as-code strategies, work with agile transformation, and accomplish all of it efficiently and effectively as a distributed team. That means we find the best talent wherever they are and bring them on board to help you.

How the AWS partnership benefits you:

We know AWS like the back of our hand and by the end of ourModus Create is a trusted partner to some the biggest tech giants and beacons of innovation in the industry. engagement, you will, too. We’ll start with a current state to future state workshop, dig in quickly and deeply with a DevOps Day style workshop, run a pilot project, and then train your team to take over from there.

Let’s Get Started

Use AWS? Want to work with a partner who gets it… who lives it? Reach out!