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Digital Transformation Trends to Watch for in 2021

Digital Transformation Trends to Watch for in 2021

In this eBook, Patrick Sheridan, Jay Garcia, and Drew Falkman, three senior IT leaders at Modus Create, share major digital transformation trends for 2021 and how embracing them will help drive long term, sustainable growth.

Modus Create Remote Team Resources

Remote Team Resources

As a remote first organization for nine years, Modus Create has unique experience leading remote teams to deliver organizational transformation across the globe. Our team has consolidated resources to help businesses remain operational and continue to grow while implementing new remote work policies and Coronavirus response plans. 

The Innovation Playbook

Innovation Playbook

This playbook uses portfolio management theory to teach businesses how to finance and structure internal labs that produce transformative innovation.

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The Experience Mapping Kit

Experience mapping is relevant to all your teams, from engineering to marketing. Download the kit for free and have an engaging workshop.

Modus Kickstart in Action - Workshop in Progress

Product Kickstart

Modus Kickstart helps software teams start a project on the right foot. This collaborative engagement helps accelerate successful product releases.