Go beyond pixel-perfect apps

User experience is more than killer design. Developing a compelling digital product for your customers also requires top-notch security, data experience, omnichannel journeys, and adopting modern technology that outpaces your competitors. Not to mention ensuring your developers have the right tech stack to succeed.

It helps to partner with digital product development experts who can do it all. Modus Create's team of senior technologists and open-source pioneers help you go to market with competitive applications that compete in a world where capturing attention is not easy. We help you design and modernize user-centric apps, manage risk and opportunity, and improve your internal developer experience.

We don’t just create user-centric apps; we take a holistic approach to lead your team in true digital transformation.



Full-Stack software development

Modus Create will help you with agile product development across the SDLC and share best practices.

  • Product design
  • Hybrid mobile development
  • Native app development
  • Serverless app development


Delight your users

Bring your brand closer to your customers with intuitive design and incredible products. Our world-class design team embeds with engineers on every project.

Full-stack digital product development services

Create meaningful customer experiences

Captivate your audience with seamless UX

  • Application Development: Web, Hybrid, Mobile
  • Application Modernization
  • Platform modernization
  • User Experience Design

Launch exciting new products

Go to market with a competitive advantage by capturing opportunity and managing risk

  • New Product Launch
  • Application Security
  • Data Analytics

Level up the developer experience

Leverage our world-class product engineering and open-source expertise

  • Developer Tooling
  • Functional Programming Enhancement
  • Emerging Tech Mastery


Open source R&D and deep tech mastery

Tweag is our R&D center and a leading contributor to open-source communities. No consulting company other than Modus Create can boast contributions like the ones our teams have made to Bazel, Haskell, Nix, Ionic, and more.

Tweag mastery
Clarisoft asset


European product development partner

Clarisoft, a Modus Create company, has two decades of experience delivering world-class digital products for the Fortune 500.

Application modernization

Get ahead of the challenges of legacy technology and outpace your competitors with application modernization. Designed to resolve technical debt, develop cross-platform expertise, and create user-centric experiences.

Application Modernization Module
Ai modus

AI & ML expertise

Our researchers possess years of experience in training and deploying models. We can help your business ward off disruption from AI and turn it into a strategic digital advantage.

Product Kickstart

Kickstart is our proven, battle-tested approach to build confidence and eliminate risk before building software.

Product Kickstart

Technology proficiency

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