Work with Modus, a proud partner of GitHub

What is GitHub?

GitHub enables a smarter way to work together. It’s the best way to manage: code, code reuse, projects, issues, automation & workflow, governance and security… and more (believe it or not). And it’s all done effortlessly.

Why our partnership with GitHub matters?

As the #1 collaboration platform for developers, the fact that GitHub recommends Modus to their clients say a lot. They trust our experience, believe in our process, and put a stamp of approval on the results of our work.

How the GitHub partnership benefits you:

Not only are our team members GitHub Ninjas, we are also incredible teachers. That’s why we won’t leave you behind during the build process. Together, we’ll complete current state to future state workshop, iterate on concepts during interactive meetings, complete work on your project flawlessly, and then train your team to take over from there.

Let’s Get Started

Use GitHub? Want to work with a partner who gets it… who lives it? Reach Out!