How to Build a Stateful Widget in Flutter?

In our last Flutter blog, we explained writing tests for stateless widgets. Stateless code is less prone to present problems due to its simplicity and lack of state changes. State, on the other hand, is usually the bad guy.  As engineers, we are very good at writing code and logic with a given state in…

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Burndown Chart

Things Your Burndown Chart is Burning to Tell You

At the start of every Sprint, a Scrum team commits to a certain amount of work represented by points using the Fibonacci sequence (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc.). The Fibonacci sequence is a series of exponentially expanding numbers, with each number representing a value of twice as much work as the preceding number. For…

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Understanding Microservices with an Event-Driven Node.js Project

Microservices architecture is an approach that structures an application as a collection of services based on business components or capabilities. The services are maintainable, testable, and independent of each other. They are also loosely coupled to deploy changes independently and each service can be assigned to a small team of developers.  There are several benefits…

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Manage or Be Managed by Technical Debt

Product development is exhilarating. There is something special about a team rallying around a vision and creating a product that users love.  However, it isn’t fun to redo a product every three years. Unfortunately, technical debt can do that to your team. And that’s on a good day.  At its worst, technical debt can drive…

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Getting Started with XState, React and Typescript (Part 2)

Solve the pain points that come with traditional methods of managing state in a React project with state machines. Set up a state machine in a simple React project with XState and Typescript with this short tutorial.

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Introduction to Flutter Widget Testing

Writing tests for applications is not the most fun task. We get so excited about seeing our code running in production that we don’t think it might fail.  This is about to change. Flutter tests Have you heard of Flutter? No? Let’s fix that. Flutter is the thing for mobile development these days. Powered by Dart, Flutter…

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Application Modernization Isn’t Just Fighting Legacy Tech

When radical innovations were rare, businesses could afford to treat application modernization as a sporadic reaction to change. A decade ago, most organizations modernized only when they were compelled to. However, in the era of open-source and continuous innovation, modernization can’t be an isolated, one-off project. Businesses need to embrace a culture that celebrates change…

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App Clips - Blog Banner

8 Tips to Build Your App Clip

Apple announced App Clips at last year’s WWDC14. If you’re not familiar with them yet, they are bite-sized apps that your users can use without having to take a trip to the App Store. In other words, App Clips offer your users an opportunity to experience your app before downloading it from the app store….

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Laravel Octane

Boost Your Laravel Project Performance With Octane

Laravel Octane is a first-party Laravel package that makes it super easy to serve your application via an artisan command while boosting its performance. Why Use Laravel Octane? Before Octane, we were used to the combo of Nginx + PHP-FPM, which works in this fashion:  A request comes to Nginx. Nginx delegates the request to…

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Codeless Testing

Codeless Testing – A Complete Overview

Looking for quick automation solutions with minimal coding and faster time to market? Manual testers can also perform automation development with little coding knowledge. This article gives you a complete overview of codeless testing — from its evolution and tools to myths and approaches. Evolution of Automation Testing Initially, manual testing involved writing test cases…

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