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Ionic, React, and Cloudflare Full Stack Made Perfect

October 1, 2019

Our latest internal project, the Modite Directory, shows what, when, and where, our distributed teams are working. Principal Thought Leader Grgur de Grisogono discusses the project and the power of modern JavaScript on our blog.

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Everything You Need to Know About Refs in React

June 5, 2019

The React API has managed to remain fairly simple despite its substantial growth. However, new and experienced developers alike seem to have trouble with the Refs API. Learn why, how, and when to use Refs in your React application.

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Setting up a monorepo React app with Yarn

Setting Up A Monorepo React App with Yarn

April 9, 2019

For larger applications, structuring and managing folders and modules can be difficult. Monorepo is a multi-package structure used to consolidate code under one repository. Learn how to set up Monorepo with Yarn!

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Browser Performance Feature Image

The Amazing World Of Browser Performance – How To Be Performant

October 19, 2018

Software developers all hear the word “performance” at some point in their careers. We all want our applications to be performant. We’ll help you get there.

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ES6 Tutorial Part II

Quick Practical Guide for ES6: Part 2

September 24, 2018

JavaScript ES6 features, comparison with ES5, ES6 best practices, and examples tested on Chrome developer console: all in Part 2 of the ES6 series.

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Quick practical guide for ES6 Featured Image

Quick Practical Guide for ES6

August 22, 2018

In this post we are going to examine what new features arrived in ES6 and how to use them. Assess quick examples to understand the improvements on ES5. The list of new functionality is quite big, but here we’ll be focusing on some frequently used ones. We will also explore how to use best practices…

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Comparing AdonisJS to Laravel

July 12, 2018

Over the past two years I have been involved in a project that was built on the Laravel framework. For those not familiar with it, Laravel is a PHP based MVC framework that supports a variety of project types including regular database driven websites and microservices. Laravel’s popularity is not least due to the fact…

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Ionic/Cordova: How to Debug on a Device with Visual Studio Code

June 22, 2018

Modus loves Ionic! As an Ionic Trusted Partner, we do a lot of hybrid app development for various clients using Ionic Framework. Clients love it because they get to deploy their app to multiple app stores (Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and more) for the price of developing a single app! Developers love it because…

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upgrading ionic 3 to 4 Modus

Upgrading an Ionic 3 application to Ionic 4

June 14, 2018

Ionic is one of the coolest frameworks out there for developing hybrid mobile apps and Progressive Web Applications (PWAs). As an Ionic partner, we have been following Ionic’s development closely and are very excited about the upcoming major release of the framework, Ionic 4. One of the main reasons is Ionic v4 is based on…

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9 Design System Traps to Avoid

June 12, 2018

Design systems are a trending topic these days. A quick glance at Alex Pate’s awesome design systems repo shows that both big name companies and small start ups are wading into the design system waters. At Modus, we’ve helped several clients build out their design systems. Design systems are still relatively new, so we have…

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