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Modus Create Case Study

ECS – Cutting Costs With Customized Jira Workflows

Modus Create’s Atlassian experts built a customized Jira workflow for ECS Federal that centralized and automated complex processes across teams. This helped ECS achieve more rapid client service and reduced operational costs.

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Mobile eCommerce

UNIQLO – Upgrading Mobile Experience with React

Modus Create partnered with UNIQLO to build a new direct-to-consumer mobile eCommerce application. The new app expanded UNIQLO’s reach globally, boosted user engagement, and helped unlock new channels to increase revenue.

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Modus Create Case Study

NCR – Atlassian Tools Driving Transformation

NCR wanted to understand of how a crucial project team was utilizing Atlassian tools and needed to identify and remediate security risks with its infrastructure. See how an Atlassian assessment helped them reach their goals.

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Scaling Collaboration with Confluence

A large online retailer approached Modus Create with a challenge – implement a single knowledge base for their technology and development teams to better track, organize, and collaborate on work. Modus product teams were tasked with supporting thousands of users and ensuring the platform’s ability to scale as the organization grows.

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AWS Datacenter

EDR – DevOps Transformation on AWS

Learn how Modus and EDR worked together to complete DevOps transformation on AWS.

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American Institute of Architects Case Study

AIA – Driving Stakeholder Engagement with Atlassian Tools

The American Institute of Architects needed a knowledge and support portal to promote visibility, transparency, and to reduce the volume of support emails. Using Confluence, a Modus team built a single platform that consolidated news, key information, and service updates for all AIA members.

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Roundup Cattle – Building a Mobile App in 30 Days

In under one month, Modus consultants developed a fully functional auction application for a client. The new application improved user experience and reduced client hosting expenses.

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EDR – How Automation Saved Days’ Worth of Work

EDR wanted to automate some of its information sharing processes to save time and collaborate more effectively with its clients. Using Dynamic Data Capture and Online Review Memo, Modus helped EDR introduce automation into its process, significantly boosting overall efficiency and saving days’ worth of work

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UX Research for a Leading EdTech Company

Research-Led App Development for a Leading EdTech Company

After proposing a new, customer-centric process, Modus Create conducted extensive user experience research, and then rapidly designed and developed a new mobile application while modeling an Agile transformation for our client, a leading education company.

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Atlassian Cloud Migration

PEF Services – Atlassian Cloud Migration Modernizes Operations

Modus executed a scalable Atlassian cloud migration for PEF Services, a financial services company, with baked-in disaster recovery and simplified maintenance. The client’s staff now have licensed, current software with customized configurations and plugins to enable their business to continue to grow.

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Creating a Customized Atlassian Stack

Modus eDiscovery – Creating a Customized Atlassian Stack

Our consultants led the deployment of Atlassian Server applications in AWS and created an Atlassian structure of projects and spaces, workflows, custom fields, and apps that aligned with client needs for Modus eDiscovery, a security consulting firm, and created a streamlined solution deployed for reusability.

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