Modus Create, LLC (referred to as “Modus” or “we”) respects individual’s rights surrounding the collection and usage of their personal identifiable information (“data”). This privacy policy serves as a declaration of how we collect data, why we collect, and your rights as a user (“you,” “user,” “visitor”) across the website, advertising, and offline activities during the course of business.

If you have any questions, cannot use the automated unsubscribe options, or receive communications from Modus after opting out, contact us immediately by emailing, by mail: 12100 Sunset Hills Rd, Suite 150 Reston, VA 20190, or by calling (855) 663-8727.

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Data Collection


Modus captures user information via the following methods. For a more detailed description, please see below in Tracking Technologies:
The opt-in forms on our website and digital communications, including email newsletter, Email Us, and Call Us Now buttons. This may also include other distinct and specialized sites for events or service offerings.

  • Cookies and internet access logs. These indirect methods may contain previous URLs visited, times and dates of visits, and information about computer hardware and software you use.
  • Sign-up sheets or lead capturing applications at events.

Types of Data Collected

The data collected may include the following information:

  • Subscribers’ contact information (name, address, company, title, phone, fax, email, web, social media handles)
  • The subscriber’s work title, company, and industry they work in
  • A selection of topics of interest for future communications
  • The user’s behavior on the Modus website and with Modus communications (email, sales calls)
  • The user’s referral path (i.e., email, social media, organic search)
  • Subscriber’s anonymized geographic and demographic location

Retention Period

Cookies gathered through Google properties are subject to Google’s storage terms, read more here:

For user-volunteered information on web-based forms that Modus gathers, we will store contact information until the user opts out, requests deletion, or the retention period is met.

Purposes for Data Collected

We collect data for the following purposes:

  • To improve the functionality of the website by avoiding duplicate data entry, facilitating navigation, and increasing the relevance of content
  • To store user preferences and profile information used to personalize content and manage our relationship with you and our clients
  • To collect contact information for potential clients and employees
  • To measure visitors’ interest in content, blog articles, partnerships, and Modus service offerings


How do I give my consent?

By closing the modal popup and continuing to use the Modus site, you acknowledge you have read this privacy policy and accept the terms of data collection and usage outlined herein. When you provide personal information and submit a digital form on our website, enter information into a form at an event, or present a business card, you are consenting to the collection of your information.

Users who submit a form via our website will receive a ‘Thank You’ message acknowledging your information has been received.

How do I withdraw my consent?

We do not offer an option for opt-out of browser cookies, browsers provide users with control over cookies. You can receive alerts when cookies are being used, learn information on the duration of cookies, what server your cookies are returned to, and have the option to accept or reject cookies through your browser’s settings.

All emails from Modus Create, LLC. include an “Unsubscribe” link, which will direct the user to a page where they can cease future communications.

If you would like to withdraw your consent or have your personal data deleted, you may contact us at any time by emailing, mailing us at: 12100 Sunset Hills Rd, Suite 150 Reston, VA 20190, or calling (855) 663-8727. Please use the same contact process to file requests based on the CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, or other applicable data protection legislation with the Modus Create team.

Overseas Transfer

Information that we collected may be stored or processed in and transferred between any of the countries in which Modus, its partners, employees, and contractors have offices. By submitting your information on the Modus website or any of our other activities, you expressly agree to such transfer in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Third-Party Data Processing Platforms


We use Google Analytics, which uses cookies to track user behavior on our website to improve site experience, optimize content, and retarget of digital advertising. By dismissing the alert and continuing to browse our site, you consent to use cookies.
We have enabled IP Anonymization within the Google suite to prevent the capturing of explicit IP addresses. For more information on Google, read their data processing terms:


HubSpot code is embedded within the forms on the Modus site. When you submit a form, your data is stored in HubSpot’s databases and applications. This data is secured behind a firewall and hosted by HubSpot.

Learn more about the cookies set by HubSpot when a user visits our site here:


Modus Create’s long-standing commitment to protect the privacy of information our visitors and clients entrust to us is essential to our goal as a leading global provider of professional services. Protecting confidentiality and security of private information has always been an integral part of how we conduct business worldwide.

Changes to This Policy

Modus Create, LLC reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. Changes will take effect immediately upon their posting on this page, and users will not be expressly notified of any future changes to the privacy policy.

Tracking Technologies


Modus’ site uses cookies to save and retrieve information. These cookies identify users in an anonymized way. The settings of what cookies your browser retains and uses can be set within the browser’s settings menu.

Display Advertising

We use third-party vendors, including Google, to inform, serve, and optimize display ads based on visits and activity on our website. Using Google Analytics and Google AdWords, we engage in remarketing; retargeting content to users based on their behavior on our site. Please refer to Google’s site for more information on their remarketing services:

Web Beacons

Our website contains web beacons, otherwise known as pixels. These tools are used to collect aggregated metrics about the performance of our advertising on Social Media platforms, specifically Facebook and Twitter, and the performance of our email communications. This information is anonymized and used to gauge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in aggregate. No personal information will be collected by these tools.


Users must opt-in on our website or at an event via a sign-up sheet to be enlisted to receive email communications from Modus Create. All emails from Modus include an “Unsubscribe” link, which will direct the user to a page where they can cease future communications.

Disclosure and Information Sharing

We may disclose your personal information if we are required by law. Modus Create, LLC will never sell personal data to a third party under any circumstances or share data for purposes that the user has not endorsed.


As required by applicable legislation, Modus will respect your Privacy rights. Such rights include, but are not limited to: Right to review, change or delete your personal information, Right to object to marketing communications, Right to restrict our processing of your personal information and a Right to complain to the competent data protection authority. For more information regarding your rights, please contact us at


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