How to Write Better Requirements

9 Tips to Write Better Requirements

March 2, 2021

Poor requirements management can lead to scope creep and ultimately project failure. Atlassian Consultant Deepanshu Natani shares nine useful tips to write better requirements, documents, and repositories.

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A/B Testing and Test Automation Modus Create Blog Header

When to Consider Setting Up A/B Testing

October 6, 2020

A/B testing enables teams to measure the impact of their work and better understand how their customers behave, but can waste resources and limit growth when used incorrectly. Sr. Product Strategist Vera Ginzburg shares insight on when to use and when to not use A/B testing and tips for delivering more valuable products.

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Innovation - Between Chaos and Standardization Modus Create Product Strategy Blog Header Image

Innovation – Between Chaos and Standardization

September 29, 2020

Innovation has become a priority for businesses across the globe, yet many business leaders do not understand what innovation is or how to measure it. This article provides valuable insight to leadership on identifying and driving innovation.

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Google Heart Metrics to Measure Customer Success Header Image

Adapting HEART Framework to Measure Customer Success

August 26, 2020

Setting the right KPIs allows you to analytically track and evaluate work to drive more successful outcomes. Read how Modus adapted Google’s HEART framework to measure customer success and learn how to use KPIs to make more meaningful decisions.

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5 Ways the Product Community Can Inspire the World

How the Product Community Can Inspire – Frameworks

May 20, 2020

COVID-19 is a serious threat to global health, and a disruptor to businesses and social ecosystems around the world. By following these 5 principles commonly used by product and UX teams, organizations can come together to make the future a brighter place.

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5 Ways the Product Community Can Inspire the World

How the Product Community Can Inspire the World

May 11, 2020

Coronavirus will leave an impact on individuals and businesses long after the crisis ends. Sharing experiences dealing with uncertainty and decision making can inspire positive action and change. Learn how the product community can come together to help bring positive change to the post-COVID world.

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How Designers Can Improve Product Quality

How Designers Improve Product Quality

April 16, 2020

Designers are as important to finding and addressing product quality issues during the development process as the development team. This article share why designers are necessary to maximize product quality.

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Values of a Remote First Company

Transitioning Your Organization to a Remote First Workforce

April 8, 2020

Organizations all over the world are rapidly finding out successful remote work is easier said than done. Sarah McCasland solves common obstacles firms encounter during a shift to remote-first workforce.

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Effective Growth Practices

Creating Effective and Sustainable Growth Practices

April 1, 2020

Creating sustainable growth practices is a difficult task, but one that is critical to any Modus engagement. Vera Ginzburg discusses understanding and prioritizing growth levers and opportunities to create successful business growth.

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