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How to Track Multiple Git Branches in AWS CodePipeline

September 11, 2019

CodePipeline is an impressive CI/CD service by AWS. Architect Lucas Still outlines best practices and approaches to setting up CodePipeline with your git repository in his step-by-step tutorial.

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Auditing Web Performance Continuously with Gimbal

June 12, 2019

The latest open source application developed by our Modus Labs team, Gimbal simplifies and automates the process of performance tracking. Learn how Gimbal can integrate with your existing setup to monitor your web apps.

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Setting up a monorepo React app with Yarn

Setting Up A Monorepo React App with Yarn

April 9, 2019

For larger applications, structuring and managing folders and modules can be difficult. Monorepo is a multi-package structure used to consolidate code under one repository. Learn how to set up Monorepo with Yarn!

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Just One Tiny Fix

Just One Tiny Fix

July 25, 2018

Imagine a time when you just had to make a change. You know the one, the really small one, that fixes that very special issue… on a production environment. One may think of a thousand reasons not to. Using continuous integration, and properly separated yet perfectly similar environments might come at the top of the…

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Performance Remediation using New Relic and JMeter, Part 2 of 3

July 19, 2018

When everything is on fire, where should you throw the first bucket of water? To fix bad performance, you have to profile. Figuring out where to start can be overwhelming, especially when your system performs OK under normal daily loads but collapses when a traffic spike hits you. This is part 2 of 3 in…

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Setup Jenkins On Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

June 28, 2018

Jenkins is an open source, free software automation server written in Java. Jenkins provides a wide range of plugins for building, deploying, testing and automating. For continuous deployments, Jenkins helps by speeding up processes such as building software or jobs ran by cron, monitoring, and execution of repeated jobs. Jenkins automates the non-human part of…

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Ionic/Cordova: How to Debug on a Device with Visual Studio Code

June 22, 2018

Modus loves Ionic! As an Ionic Trusted Partner, we do a lot of hybrid app development for various clients using Ionic Framework. Clients love it because they get to deploy their app to multiple app stores (Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and more) for the price of developing a single app! Developers love it because…

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9 Design System Traps to Avoid

June 12, 2018

Design systems are a trending topic these days. A quick glance at Alex Pate’s awesome design systems repo shows that both big name companies and small start ups are wading into the design system waters. At Modus, we’ve helped several clients build out their design systems. Design systems are still relatively new, so we have…

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Redirects Requests to a Domain with AWS Lambda

Redirect Requests To A Domain With AWS Lambda

April 20, 2018

Lambda is a serverless computing platform that allowscoding in C# (.NET Core), Go, Java, Node.Js, and Python. It can handle domain redirects, too!

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Using Bitbar CI for Cross Platform Mobile Testing

March 23, 2018

Bitbar Continuous Integration is a SaaS product for mobile testing on iOS and Android platforms. This post will guide you through a typical server-side iOS set up for a test run of two of the most popular frameworks for JavaScript (ECMAScript 6): Jasmine and Cucumber. Both will use Appium and Protractor as proxies between the…

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