Tools Can Never Solve All Your Problems

It's hard to create great software. It's really hard to create great software if there's a disconnect between business and IT leaders.

In this webinar, Bogdan Coman, Principal, Product Management at Modus Create, explains how process is more important than tools for bridging the product strategy and delivery divide. You'll learn how to translate your product strategy into successful business outcomes, including:

  • Tips to downstream planning and upstream tracking

  • Identifying and formalizing value streams in an org chart

  • Ways to accelerate agile adoption

  • Aha! and Jira best practices

This webinar will be especially useful for leaders looking to consolidate their design and engineering talent into a cross-functional delivery unit.

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Webinar Host

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Bogdan Coman
Principal, Product Development
Modus Create

Product Development Partner for Enterprises

Powered by official partners such as AWS, Atlassian, Ionic, and Aha!, Modus Create has created user-centric products for several Global 2000 enterprises.

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