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“Cost, time, scope — pick two.” That’s old news.

Micro frontends empower you to deliver higher quality products faster and cheaper. They help large enterprises move forward with the agility of nimble startups.⚡

Hosted by leading micro frontends experts from Ionic and Modus Create, this webinar is ideal for senior executives who don't have a technical background, but want to learn whether micro frontends are the right option for their business.

You will learn:

  • The basics of micro frontend architecture and how it's different from monoliths

  • Examples of micro frontend architecture

  • Common misconceptions and pitfalls to avoid

  • Introduction to Ionic's Portals for Capacitor

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Meet the Experts


Grgur Grisogono
Director, Engineering
Modus Create


Josh Thomas
Product Manager

Official Platinum Partner

As an official Platinum Partner, Modus Create is the world’s leading agency for Ionic app development. Our certified team of Ionic experts have modernized applications for several enterprises in high integrity industries.