What digital trends and initiatives are top of mind at enterprises in 2024? We surveyed executive and product decision-makers to reveal the priorities and challenges of enterprises as they move to be more competitive and improve their customer interactions. Learn how organizations are thinking about digital product development, security, human capital, and more. Get the guide to help you navigate digital transformation at your organization.

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Highlights: Digital Transformation & Product Development Trends in 2024

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Ensuring Data Security

A good customer experience includes a secure data experience. It's no surprise that cybersecurity is top of mind for enterprises today, as cyberattacks are capable of causing critical information loss, service disruptions, and exposing vulnerabilities within an organization's infrastructure.  59% of surveyed organizations will be investing to improve their cybersecurity posture in the coming year — nearly double our 2022 research. 

Accelerating the Launch of New Digital Products

With an increasing focus on the launch of new customer-facing applications or features, and significantly higher budgets dedicated to executing and managing digital products, companies are reaping benefits such as improved customer experience, enhanced data security, and increased ROI on technology initiatives. Nevertheless, strategic follow-through and cross-departmental alignment pose challenges to successful implementation and management, emphasizing the need to involve various teams in the decision-making process to drive growth and overcome obstacles effectively.

Moving to Modernize Data and Technology

Addressing the demand for a superior user experience, organizations are investing in IT modernization, data analytics capabilities, and cloud migration to stay competitive in the market. Larger companies focus on cloud migration and digitizing processes, while smaller ones prioritize generative AI, ML algorithms, and new customer-facing products to overcome challenges.

Securing Capable Talent and Partners

Finding and hiring the right talent remains a significant challenge for technology organizations, with 43% of decision-makers ranking it as a top obstacle to their organization's overall success. However, organizations recognize the value of partnering with experienced consultants, with 94% emphasizing the importance of finding reliable partners for new product development.

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