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Your Future Awaits in the Cloud ☁️

Cloud migration can be more complicated than you think. But with the right preparation, the benefits far outweigh the pain.

And who better to teach Atlassian cloud migration than AWS and Modus Create, official partner to both AWS and Atlassian.

In this on-demand webinar, we look at real-world examples of how organizations with complex situations have migrated successfully to Atlassian cloud.

You will learn:

  • What to consider before planning an Atlassian cloud migration

  • Examples of organizations that have successfully migrated to the cloud

  • Barriers to Atlassian cloud migration, and how to tackle

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Meet the Experts

Josh k

Josh Kochelek
Director, Atlassian Practice
Modus Create


Sarah Fallah-Adl
Partner Solutions Architect

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Caroline Adams
Atlassian Services Manager
Modus Create

Modus ❤️ The Cloud

Modus Create is one of the select few partners to have both the enterprise and cloud specialization from Atlassian. We are also a member of the official AWS partner network.

Atlassian and AWS