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Digital transformation can be simplified. We've developed practical resources based on our experience. Our guides assist with customer experience mapping, remote product development, and innovation strategies. Download them now to turn complex challenges into simple, manageable steps.

Our playbooks and guides

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Experience Mapping Kit

Product Development | Customer Experience

Toolkit for analyzing and optimizing customer experience at every stage of the product journey.

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Remote Product Development

Product Development | Remote Work

Guide for remote product development: team management techniques and productivity tools.

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Innovation Playbook

Business Strategy | Innovation

Portfolio Management Theory to align product development and corporate finance.

Our digital transformation reports

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2021 Research

Business Strategy | Innovation

Identify crucial digital transformation trends for 2021, emphasizing sustainable growth and strategic business technology responses.

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2022 Research

Business Strategy | Innovation

Explore the state of digital initiatives in 2022, highlighting trends in agility, cybersecurity, and innovation across U.S. businesses.

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2024 Research

Business Strategy | Innovation

Discover key trends and strategic insights for digital transformation and product development effectiveness.

Our webinar on-demand

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Bridging the product strategy and delivery gap

Product Development | Product Strategy

Learn key practices for aligning business and IT leaders, including value stream mapping and agile adoption.

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Atlassian Cloud migration for enterprises

Atlassian | Cloud migration

Discover essential strategies, best practices, and real-world examples for a successful Atlassian cloud migration.

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How to be successful with micro frontends?

Product Development | Agile Development

Discover micro frontends' architecture, benefits, and pitfalls to enhance agile development and product delivery.

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Riding into the AI-driven future: Strategies to mitigate cybersecurity risks

March 25, 2024

As executives embrace AI, they must ensure critical aspects of cybersecurity and compliance aren’t overlooked.

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Digital product development is booming — but lack of strategy is a barrier to success

February 26, 2024

A clear strategy to innovate and modernize products and applications is necessary to future-proof digital transformation.

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To improve UX, digital product leaders prioritize app modernization and data experience

February 20, 2024

New research on Digital Transformation and Product Development reveals that enterprise leaders are prioritizing UX investments.

Boris Borenberg, VP of Product at Modus Create, talks about go-to-market

Don’t obsess over your product — obsess over your market

February 20, 2024

There’s an old SaaS adage: first-time founders worry about the product, second-time founders worry about go-to-market. Here’s why it still rings true.

To achieve digital transformation, capable talent can be hard to find

February 16, 2024

The biggest challenge for technology organizations today is not the tech stack; it’s finding capable talent to manage the technology.

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Preventing the next breach: 59% of enterprises plan to improve cybersecurity

February 16, 2024

New research on digital transformation and product development identifies cybersecurity as a significant focus for enterprises.