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Free Experience Mapping Cards

Come prepared to your session with printable experience mapping cards. Fill-in-the-blank sentences make sure you get the input you need.

Understand Cross Channel Tasks

Task cards help you understand the tasks your customers complete to achieve a goal, as well as the channels they use. View your business as an omni-channel experience instead of disjointed touchpoints.

Pinpoint Delighters and Pain Points

Emotion cards explain how your experience makes your customers feel. When do they struggle, and why? When are they frustrated enough to leave forever? Or what do they love about your product that keeps them coming back?

Capture Compelling Anecdotes

Stop designing for yourself. Circulate real thoughts and anecdotes straight from customers to help your team empathize.

Unearth Powerful Ideas

Brainstorm solutions to pain points uncovered during your session. Avoid group think with silent, individual brainstorming on fill-in-the-blank opportunity cards.

Ground Opportunities in Reality

Discuss effort and impact for each idea with your team, so you can prioritize quick wins or strategic plays over non-starters.

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