Webinar: Building Custom Widgets in Angular and Architecture Best Practices for Angular

When is the webinar?

07/24/2014 at 1:00pm EDT.

What is the webinar about?

Aaron will walk through and discuss how to create flexible, reusable widgets using AngularJS Directives.

Having issues keeping your large Angular code base in check? Dave will address the issue that many developers struggle with. What are some of the right patterns and project structures to follow? Dave will go over some best practices for keeping your code organized, setting up a full-featured build system, how to keep your code tested, and more!

Meet the Presenters!

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Aaron Smith┬áis a Principal Architect at Modus Create. Aaron has been working with JavaScript for longer than he’d like to admit and fancies himself an expert in Ext JS and Sencha Touch. More recently, he’s shifted his focus towards AngularJS and has quickly come to love it. Aaron enjoys running in what little spare time he has and tries to get in just enough mileage to offset his chipwich addiction.


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Dave Ackerman is a UI Engineer at Modus Create and is particularly interested in AngularJS and all things Javascript. He is most effective on the job when over-caffeinated on single origin espresso. Dave is a huge fan of exposed brick, and the color grey. There is speculation at Modus HQ that Dave may be a pirate, though this is not confirmed.


Meet the Host!

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Heather Ackerman is the marketing coordinator for Modus Create and she loves connecting with you over the Modus Twitter and Facebook pages. Her favorite movie series is Star Wars, and she is especially fond of Boba Fett. She likes to garden and play Diablo 3 ROS with the Modus Team Clan in her spare time. Heather is almost a baking pro, and often makes tasty cupcakes for the Modus Team.

Date: 07/24
Time: 1:00 PM EST
Type: Webinar

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