Tough Modus does the Tough Mudder!

Last year, Jay Garcia and Dave Ackerman represented Modus Create in the annual Mid-Atlantic Tough Mudder competition.

The Tough Mudder consisted of 20-25 obstacles, which included getting dunked into a giant dumpster full of freezing ice cold water, crawling under layers electrified barbed wire, jumping off of a 20 foot wall into a pool of mud-water, and walking across a 5’ high 1.5” wide balance beam.

Our Modus contenders survived, exhausted, bruised and battered, but alive, and they had a blast doing it! You can check out Jay’s group video of the entire event here.

This year, we have a total of 11 employees racing, with even more coming just to cheer them on. We even have a team member flying in all the way from Croatia, just to get muddy!

Look for the “Tough Modus” t-shirts on and off the track, and check out the Tough Mudder website to learn more about this year’s obstacles.

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Date: 4/20/13
Time: 8:00AM
Type: Celebration
Location: Gerrardstown, WV
Twitter: @N/A

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