ReactNYC Meetup #5

Proven Patterns for Professional React Applications with Crysfel Villa

Over the last year my team and I developed a high performant mobile web app. We made some mistakes along the way, but we successfully deployed it and now is serving about 30M users. We had to add support for old versions of Android and iOS devices. One of the most challenging tasks was to support the Android Stock browser as well as webviews for popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Line and many others. In this talk I’m going to share the things that worked and things that didn’t work for us, I will show some code samples and will tell you why you should or shouldn’t do that.

Date: 06/26/2017
Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Type: Meetup
Location: AppNexus, 28 West 23rd Street, New York, NY

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