React Native NYC Meetup

*Putting the Native in React Native* by Stan Bershadskiy

Stan is a New York City based architect at Modus Create as well as co-organizer of NYC.JS, one of the largest JavaScript focused meetups in the city. Stan has specialized in JavaScript framework development for over five years and recently co-authored the “React Native Cookbook” (Packt Press) which is available from and amazon.

React Native enables you to create native applications using JavaScript. This allows us to build rich and high-performing experience with ease. What if we need to step outside the box a bit and leverage native functionality that has not been provided by the library? How about if we have an existing native app that we want to seamlessly integrate React Native into? This talk will cover how we can use JavaScript and a little bit of native code to unlock the hidden power ofReact Native.

*React Native ART and D3* by Harry Wolff

Harry Wolff is a Senior UI Engineer at MongoDB and an active open source creator and blogger. He’s located in NYC and loves discovering and playing with new software that makes it easy to create new applications as quickly and easily as possible. At his previous job at Chartbeat he built their new iOS application from the ground up in React Native and has remained involved and interested in React Native ever since.

React Native is great for making native applications with JavaScript. D3 is the defacto library to use when you want to make graphs. Through the magic of React Native ART and some ingenuity you can combine these technologies, taking advantage of both these worlds. This talk will show how to use D3 within your React Native application.

React Native Cookbook b&w

Date: 01/25/2017
Time: 7:00 PM
Type: Meetup
Location: Oscar Health, 295 Lafayette St, New York, NY

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