Prov.JS Meetup: Ramda vs Underscore and Lodash

Andrew Goodale presents: Ramda vs Underscore and Lodash.

Many JavaScript developers over the last few years have probably used Underscore or Lodash to add many useful elements to the standard JavaScript APIs and data structures. While these libraries provide many useful mechanisms for dealing with objects and arrays, their API design limits some flexibility and re-use. Also, you may have heard about some of the benefits of functional programming for UI development. This talk will introduce Ramda, a library that provides many of the features of Underscore & Lodash but with a functional programming emphasis. You might look at JavaScript a little differently!

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Date: 03/29/2017
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Type: Meetup
Location: Upserve, 10 Dorrance St, 9th Floor, Providence, RI

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