Get Ahead of the Curve

Application modernization addresses the challenges of legacy technology and lays the groundwork for new capabilities to outpace your competitors. This assessment provides recommendations on upgrading your application’s technology infrastructure. 


Resolve Technical Debt

Reduce technical debt and set measures in place to acquire less of it in the future.

Spargo Inc. Case Study - Modus Create

SPARGO – 50x Boost in Application Performance

Learn how Modus and SPARGO, Inc. worked together to make SPARGO’s application 50 times faster with an AWS migration.

Engineers spend 33% of their time dealing with technical debt. By modernizing your application, you can reduce technical debt and accelerate product development.

  • Implementing micro-frontends
  • Enabling micro-services
  • Decoupling front-end and back-end
  • Introducing CI/CD practices

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Boost retention with unforgettable user experiences.

Customers will leave a brand after just one bad experience. Make sure your app is not that experience. Modernizing can boost retention and create happy customers. 

  • Lower churn rate
  • Increased upselling and retention
  • Higher word-of-mouth referrals
  • Value-added interactions with customers

Cross-Platform Expertise

Multi-channel has never been easier.

Application Modernization - Cross Platform Expertise

Instead of maintaining separate codebases, use cross-platform frameworks such as Ionic, React Native, Flutter, and Cordova to create cross-platform applications. 

  • Lower development costs
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Easier application maintenance

The Process

The perfect balance between focused code review and exhaustive portfolio analysis. 

Asset 4@4x
Asset 6@4x
Asset 2@4x

Data Gathering

 In-depth interviews to get a 360-degree overview of the application

Technical Assessment

Insights on the state of technical debt, existing code, processes, and platforms

Assessment Report

Action items for your team to address the insights from the technical assessment

Partnerships With Tech Powerhouses

Partnerships with some of the biggest names in technology give us an unmatched ability to design, build, scale, and secure applications.