Roundup Cattle, a digital livestock auctioning platform, asked Modus Create to rebuild their existing online auction application. The application was not optimized for mobile and carried the risk of losing functionality. Additionally, their next auction was fast approaching, leaving our team with just one month to deliver the new app. Leveraging our deep expertise with React and Node.js, the team deployed a new application in record time. The app not only hosted the next auction that Roundup had, it also boosted customer engagement.

Our Work Involved

  • Application modernization with infrastructure and back end built on AWS, Node.js, and WebSockets
  • Creating a user interface with React's component structure


  • Improved user experience
  • Added Support for mobile devices
  • Reduced hosting expenses

Roundup Internet Livestock Marketing is a full-service livestock marketing company, offering a daily cattle market with unlimited buyer exposure and dedicated personal service. The company offers both live and silent auction options to its customers. 

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Engagement Goals


Build a mobile app in 30 days

With the client's next auction planned only one month away, our team had 30 days to create and deliver the mobile application.


Reduce hosting expenses

The client application's existing host was expensive and Roundup Cattle wanted to reduce this cost through the migration.


Improve customer engagement

Roundup Cattle wanted to provide its growing customer base with a more engaging mobile application.

Creating a Mobile React.js App with AWS, Node.js, and WebSockets

A small, Agile team quickly assessed which technology would accelerate delivery while addressing the client's need. Based on those constraints, our team recommended a React.js app that communicated with a Node.js server over WebSockets. Following best practices for software development, Modus engineers delivered a React application that written with cohesive and loosely coupled code.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk allowed easy deployment and scale of the Node.js backend while minimizing cost. Using a technology stack based on web standards guaranteed long term browser support which was essential for our client's app-centric business.

Improved User Experience at a Reduced Cost

In under a month, the team delivered a fully functional, modernized auction application for Roundup. By grounding component outlines in customer insights, Modus built a robust and easy-to-maintain app that provided a better user experience and a responsive layout on mobile devices for the first time ever. Additionally, setting the client up with an on-demand pricing model through AWS helped reduce hosting expenses.

Leveraging Our AWS Consulting Partnership


As an AWS Select Consulting Partner, we have hands-on experience with a wide range of AWS products that have saved costs and improved performance for our various clients. Based on that knowledge, we selected AWS Elastic Beanstalk to deliver this digital experience for Roundup Cattle. That allowed us to easily deploy and scale the Node.js backend and reduce hosting costs. 

Modus Create combines the unmatched scale of AWS with our accredited and certified technical knowledge to deliver high impact solutions for your organization. 

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