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Minimize risks to your company's reputation. Our experts in modern tooling, best practices, and application architecture lead people, process, and product transformation for heightened security.



AppSec Remediation

DevSecOps and Cloud

InfoSec Program Development

Incident Response

Complete Capabilities

No matter where you are in your security journey, our multi-disciplnary team is here to help.

Assess Your Threat Surface

Identify risks to your applications and your business with the security assessment. Tech deep dives & actionable recommendations.

Protecting Patient Data with Security Assessment

Modus Create’s security assessment helped one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies protect their patient data and strengthen their overall security posture.

modus create appsec remediation

AppSec Remediation and Maturation

Ensure your mobile applications, APIs, and most importantly, your teams, are following modern practices.

  • Technical Debt Cleanup and Application Modernization 
  • Best Practice Implementation In-line with OWASP
  • Code Reviews and Hardening 
  • Fuzz Testing
  • SSO Integration 
  • Supply Chain Attestation Tooling Review, Implementation, and Software Composition Analysis

Engineering, DevSecOps, and Secure Cloud Infrastructure Deployment

Protect your most valuable data in the cloud. We're experts in building secure AWS, Azure, GCP, and all commonly used server and containerized infrastructure.

  • Architect and Build Hardened Cloud infrastructure in AWS, Azure, or Google 
  • Post-M&A Cloud Consolidation
  • PCI-DSS Compliant Cloud Infrastructure Build Out
  • DevSecOps Pipeline Maturation
IT Security for Home Security Company

Strengthening a Home Security Company’s IT Security

Modus Create’s expert multi-disciplinary team worked closely with the client’s IT department to fix tactical vulnerabilities, suggest long-term strategic changes to enhance security, and consolidate cloud environments.

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Information Security Program Development

Develop an enterprise-wide security program. Includes industry-specific compliance policy evaluation and development.

  • Policies 
  • Procedures
  • Compliance
  • Gap Assessments
  • NIST and CIS Benchmarking
  • CMMC  


Incident Response and Security Ops Services

Develop an automated and coordinated response if an incident does occur. Across tools and processes, we ensure your organization responds to the threat in real-time.

  • SOAR Integration
  • SIEM Alert Improvements
  • Tool Integration and ETL Process
  • Threat Intelligence Tooling Enablement
  • Automated Event-Driven Security Processes 
modus create incident responce

Partnerships With Tech Powerhouses

As an AWS Select Consulting Partner, we have strengthened the security postures of both startups and the Fortune 500. We are also official partners with other leading technology companies like GitHub, Cloudfare, and Atlassian, providing an unmatched holistic technical expertise.

Tech powerhouses partners

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