Are You Getting the Best Out of Atlassian?

Atlassian is the undisputed leader in workplace collaboration and Agile project management tools. This assessment provides you specific recommendations on deploying Atlassian solutions based on a thorough understanding of your business.


Team Interviews

Share your business processes, product vision, and existing challenges with our consultants. The goal is to identify pressing concerns and red flags.  

Part 1

Identifying Pain Points

We’ll meet your team to understand your technology, challenges, and process.

  • One-on-ones with stakeholders
  • Technical staff knowledge gathering sessions
  • Understanding product vision
  • Identifying gaps in the process
American Institute of Architects Case Study

AIA – Driving Stakeholder Engagement with Atlassian Tools

The American Institute of Architects needed a knowledge and support portal to promote visibility, transparency, and to reduce the volume of support emails. Using Confluence, a Modus team built a single platform that consolidated news, key information, and service updates for all AIA members.

Toolset Review

Understand whether your existing Atlassian toolset implementation is in line with the industry best practices and your needs. 

Part 2

Tool Deep Dive

A comprehensive review of your existing Atlassian ecosystem to reveal roadblocks and optimization opportunities.

  • Workflows and automation
  • Customized implementation
  • Administration and configuration
  • Product scalability
  • Documentation and variances
Atlassian Tools

Analysis Report

The most important part: what you're going to do about it. Receive a backlog of actionable steps for an effective and scalable Atlassian implementation.

Part 3

Turn Insights Into Action

You will get a backlog of action items to address specific problems revealed during the assessment.

  • Consolidated user feedback
  • Red flags and risks
  • Recommendations on projects, workflows, dashboards, and add ons
  • Licensing structure and potential savings
Modus Create Case Study

NCR – Atlassian Tools Driving Transformation

NCR wanted to understand how a crucial project team was utilizing Atlassian tools and needed to identify and remediate security risks with its infrastructure. See how an Atlassian assessment helped them reach their goals.

Platinum Enterprise Solution Partner

As a Platinum Enterprise Solution Partner, we can turn the results from the assessment into the next steps that benefit your business: including licensing, training, customizations, and cloud/on-premises migration.

Atlassian Badges (Large)

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