The Infrastructure Support team at the American Institute of Architects needed to build a support portal and knowledge base to help their members find answers, submit, and track tickets for issues related to the AIA member applications. AIA also needed an automated announcement system to proactively alert their users to planned outages and incidents in real-time. Using Confluence, a team of Atlassian experts from Modus Create delivered an elegant portal with meaningful custom integrations and detailed supporting documentation to the client.

Our Work Involved

  • Building a user-centric Confluence portal
  • Ensuring long-term success with support documentation
  • Integrating Jira Service Management and Statuspage with Confluence
  • Developing real-time visualizations and reports
  • Implementing Smart Q&A


  • Streamlined customer support
  • Improved issue tracking and reporting at scale
  • Increased engagement from stakeholders
  • Heightened visibility and transparency
  • Reduced operational costs with automation

Founded in 1857 by 13 architects, the American Institute of Architects is a Washington, D.C.-based organization with more than 95,000 members across 200 chapters worldwide. AIA strives to drive positive change through the power of design and is a strong advocate for the value of architecture. AIA offers education, government advocacy, community redevelopment, and public outreach to support the architecture profession and improve its public image. The organization exists to give architects the resources they need to do their best work.

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Elevating Customer Support and Issue Tracking

AIA needed a support portal and knowledge base to promote visibility, transparency, and to reduce the volume of support emails. AIA was also seeking a cost-efficient, automated announcement system to proactively alert users to planned outages and incidents in real-time.

A Modus Create team designed and built a user-centric Confluence portal and provided AIA with detailed documentation to help them maintain and scale it. The portal was developed using Pocket Query and Google Data Studio for real-time report visualizations, improving transparency for leadership. The new portal also reduced the volume of support emails the AIA operations team was getting. By implementing Smart Q&A to simplify self-service, information gathering, and direct engagement with stakeholders, issues could be triaged right in the platform.

The client's new Confluence portal
The client's new Confluence portal

The new portal was easier for members to use. And, the supporting documentation made it easy for AIA to maintain and scale it. Internal stakeholders can now easily view the status of systems that affect their day-to-day work, and submit and monitor issues with the integration of Jira Service Management and Statuspage with Confluence. The Q&A system for each product encourages collaboration and increases the ability to gather information for the knowledge base.

Scalable, Automated Customer Support

The new, scalable portal dramatically reduced the volume of support emails AIA received and allowed them to effectively monitor and address outstanding issues. Additionally, the automated announcement system and self-service knowledge base helped address customer's needs more efficiently.

Internal stakeholders can use the portal to view the status of issues, visualize data with real-time reports, and contribute to the knowledge base as the team scales. Strong supporting documentation ensures AIA is able to independently use and maintain the portal long into the future.

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