Expert Ext JS: Managing Model Associations Across Independent API Calls

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A few weeks back, Rob Boerman reached out to us with questions about creating linkages between models. As our de facto Associations expert, I talked it through with him. His use case is one that, while not supported by the Sencha frameworks, is something I think would be very interesting to the community. To sum it up, he wanted the actual parent-child relationships of his data reflected with associated models where the data was not provided in a single response (i.e. there are independent API calls for the parent and child data). I cannot take much credit for his solution. All I really did was help to validate his approach. However, I did suggest he write up a blog post once he got it working and he has done so on his organization’s blog. If you have a case where this sort of behavior would be useful, I highly advise you to check out his post: Using Model Associations in Sencha Touch 2 and Ext JS 4

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