Eliminate Risk with an Assessment

With customer-facing apps, large development organizations, and customer data, your threat surface to malicious actors online is bigger than ever before. Improve your organization’s overall security posture with a multi-faceted examination and action-oriented plan.


Risk Assessment 

Are you paying for resources that no one is using? Can a minor breach cause exponential damage? Understand the most pressing risks and threats faced by your organization.

Part 1

Risks and Threats

Get an understanding of your current state with an exhaustive examination of your code, applications, and environments.

  • Code and Application Review
  • Network and Infrastructure Deep Dives
  • Threat Modelling: VAST, STRIDE, and PASTA
  • Penetration Tests

Mapbox — Consolidating Workflows with Jira and Confluence

Mapbox consolidated scattered workflows into the Atlassian suite and created a unified space for collaboration.

Process & Culture

Security is not just about the technologies that you use but the mindset of your team. Foster a security-centric culture to fix the root causes of existing vulnerabilities.

Part 2

Root Causes

Beyond the tech, get an evaluation of your organization's use of the most secure methodologies and approaches.

  • DevSecOps
  • Commercial Partners: GitHub Advanced Security, AWS
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Fixing Gaps in Observability
  • Training and Coaching
Security Assessment

Security Assessment: Introduction, Process, and More

Learn more about our approach and process to a security assessment. Identify risks and get an actionable remediation plan for cybersecurity threats.

Remediation Plan

The most important part: what you're going to do about it. Receive a backlog of actionable remediation steps.

Part 3

Turn Insights Into Action

Get a prioritized list of the biggest threats and risks facing your business.

  • Backlog export into the PM tool of your choice
  • Documentation and presentation of results to stakeholders

Partnerships With Tech Powerhouses

As an AWS Select Consulting Partner, we have strengthened the security postures of both startups and the Fortune 500. We are also official partners with other leading technology companies like GitHub, Cloudfare, and Atlassian, providing an unmatched holistic technical expertise.


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