Simplify complicated codebases

Complicated codebases face the same problem—slow, grinding, and expensive development. We’ve helped some of the world’s largest companies simplify their development with scalable tools and methodologies, unlocking several benefits along the way.

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Faster time to market

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Reliable deployments

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Lower maintenance costs

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Happier engineers

Future-proof your platform with Bazel

An open-source tool developed by Google, Bazel plays a pivotal role in scalable builds. Its incremental builds and tests enhance speed and reliability, addressing challenges posed by extensive codebases. As Google’s first listed community expert for Bazel, our team brings the world’s foremost scalable build specialists to your team.

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How does it work?

We set up a well-configured build system for you in three steps.

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Share your existing build process and get an expert’s advice for improvements.

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If you’re ready to move forward, we’ll examine your product in-depth and create a plan with clear priorities and requirements.

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We’ll implement the assessment deliverables with all the necessary POCs, migrations, and optimizations as needed.

Open source contributions

Our researchers lead the development of state-of-the-art build systems and make the necessary tools and infrastructure readily accessible to anyone, from open source to enterprise projects.

Get access to top-tier technologies

Modus Create is an official partner of global technology companies, helping you enable next-gen tools throughout your software lifecycle.

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