The COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak has led to many global companies quickly needing to adopt remote work policies while maintaining continuity for their business.

This shift impacts workers as well as businesses. Modus Create is a completely remote company and has been for nine years. We've learned a thing or two about building a high-performing organization while remote.


What We're Doing

Modus Joins the COVID-19 Fight with Folding@Home and Rosetta@Home

Two open source projects, Folding at Home, and Rosetta at Home, allow anybody to contribute to the fight against COVID-19 with their own devices. Modus Create is lending distributed computing to these initiatives, and you can too. Modus Create Co-Founder and Managing Partner Jay Garcia shares insight on these initiatives, other efforts, and what Modus is doing to help. 

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Modus Create Guides on Remote Work and Business Continuity

How to Become Remote First, Fast

Companies shifting to remote work in the face of coronavirus (COVID-19) need to ensure they have processes in place to empower success. The Modus team has compiled a quick guide for rapidly and effectively adopting remote work.

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Mitigation of COVID-19 Business Impact

Beyond encouraging employees to work from home, organizations need to plan for larger business continuity in the face of Coronavirus. This blog and accompanying infographic examines the business implications of COVID-19 outbreak and includes tips for firms to manage continuity.

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Modus Create Safety Kit

Employee health and safety are a top priority. This Safety Kit was originally compiled for the Modus team and has general guidelines for communication, mental health, insurance coverage, budgeting, and more.

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Our Tips For Effective Remote Work

Modus Create has nine years of experience as a remote-first organization. Here are some of our tips for personal and professional success in a remote working environment.