Developers ❤️ Modus Create

Why? Because we are one of you. Our origins lie in the open-source community. We understand that software development is a creative process. And our company is organized around stellar developer experience. 

This means:

  • Working with the best and latest technologies
  • Nailing remote, async teamwork 
  • Appreciating deep work time 
  • Encouraging open source contribution
  • Creating client relationships, not dependencies
  • Looking out for each other at all times

For over 10 years, we have helped the world’s leading enterprises such as AudiTime Inc, Burger King, Uniqlo, Kaplan, and AARP succeed in the digital economy. Join us and help lead digital transformation for the Global 2000. We'll have fun along the way.

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Front-End Engineer
React, Ionic


Ionic Angular

Front-End Engineer
Ionic, Angular



Front-End Engineer


React Ionic

Front-End Engineer
JS, Vue


Ionic Angular

Full-Stack Engineer
React, Python, AWS


Our unique culture

Our culture thrives, not in any document, but in the experiences of our team. Creating Modus is a celebration of Modites, past and present. Let us take you on a journey across Modusland.

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