A large online retailer approached Modus Create to implement a single knowledge base for their IT teams to better track, organize, and collaborate on work.

Our team migrated the client from Confluence Server to Data Center. It provided the company with a single source of knowledge management for thousands of users, creating a strong foundation for the next stage of growth by building on reusable templates.

Our Work Involved

  • Migrating from Confluence Server to Confluence Data Center
  • Creating reusable templates
  • Training the client team on best practices
  • Creating end-user training resources


  • Reducing maintenance costs with built-in templates
  • Reducing operational costs with cloud migration
  • Increasing scalability with the Atlassian Data Center migration

25,000+ Users Supported

Creating a Single Knowledge Base

One of the largest online destinations for home products approached us to introduce a single tool that could act as a knowledge base for their IT department by consolidating their robust tech stack. The ability to organize and search, along with ease of use, was especially important for scaling the tool.

A team composed of an Atlassian expert and a technical architect helped the organization upgrade from Confluence server to data center. This new solution was built with the knowledge of best practices in administration and could support thousands of users. It also included reusable content templates, customized add-ons, and configurations. 

The client now uses the customized intranet and knowledge management system not just within their IT department but the entire organization. The data center deployment ensures availability and scale as their team continues to grow.

Our consultants also built a customized training package for the client, ensuring all end-users could inherit and thrive with the tools long after the engagement ended.

Transform Your Business With Atlassian

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Atlassian is the world’s leading provider of collaboration tools. Their tools help teams work smarter and faster, together. Their robust suite of tools helps different stakeholders of the software development lifecycle. From Jira, to Bitbucket, to Confluence, and more, Atlassian helps teams succeed.

As an Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Solution Partner, we are experts at solving strategic business problems with Atlassian’s products. Our official partnerships with Atlassian and other leading technology companies like AWS, Cloudflare GitHub, InVision, and Ionic, create a unique ecosystem for your success.

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