PEF Services, a financial services company, was looking to modernize an outdated implementation of Jira and Confluence that ran on a single Windows server hosted on AWS. PEF was looking to facilitate a wider rollout of Scrum methodologies and needed to upgrade their JIRA and Confluence environments to support the team with the latest versions of the Atlassian software. The team needed a solution that prioritized continued disaster recovery support and removed the burden on their system administrator due to self-hosting.

After recognizing the need for guidance and support from an experienced consultant, PEF Services selected Modus to lead the modernization. After careful evaluation, Modus recommended and executed the cloud migration of Atlassian solutions. The new instances of JIRA and Confluence had baked-in disaster recovery, leading to easier maintenance, and enabling the organization to grow. 

Our Work Involved

  • Mapping and execution of an Atlassian cloud migration
  • Creating customizable configurations and plugins
  • Configuration jumpstart and training on tools and best practices


  • Scalable server maintenance
  • Reduced overhead costs
  • Effortless data recovery at scale

200+ Hours Saved

Founded in 2002, PEF Services offers high-touch, high-value services that transform the back-office of private capital industry firms into centers of excellence. By attracting and retaining the best talent, PEF employs top practitioners in senior roles in finance, audit, and accounting. Their boutique team of CFAs, CPAs, former CFOs, board directors, SBA executives, audit managers, and compliance officers bring a wealth of insight and experience to every client engagement.

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Planning and Executing an Atlassian Cloud Migration

Modus Atlassian experts worked to understand client needs and detailed an Atlassian Cloud solution. First, the team gathered diagnostics to map a path to upgrade from evaluation to production Jira and Confluence, then wrote specialty scripts to more easily migrate content and data to the Cloud. After a review of PEF’s add-on portfolio, we installed the cloud versions of their needed server add-ons and migrated associated add-on data to ensure continuity and ease of use with the new deployment.

Success at Scale in the Cloud

Understanding the client’s goals gave us the insights needed to deliver the right Atlassian Cloud solution, enabling the client Administrator to manage their instances going forward. PEF estimates they saved approximately 200 hours by using a Modus Atlassian team for their update and migration.

PEF staff now have licensed, current software with customized configurations and plugins to enable their business to continue to grow. By utilizing Atlassian cloud products, they have a reliably maintained instance with little internal overhead, removing the need for any assistance from internal system administrators. PEF is now using a licensed and current version of the software with customized configurations and plugins and has a reliable and scalable solution with little overhead.

Success at Scale in the Cloud

Atlassian Tools Driving Transformation

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Atlassian is the world’s leading provider of collaboration tools. Their tools help teams work smarter and faster, together. Their robust suite of tools help different stakeholders of the software development lifecycle. From Jira, to Bitbucket, to Confluence, and more, Atlassian helps teams succeed.

As an Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Solution Partner, our consultants are experts at solving strategic business problems with Atlassian’s products. Our official partnerships with Atlassian and other leading technology companies like AWS, Cloudflare GitHub, InVision, and Ionic, create a unique ecosystem for your success.

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