One of the world’s premier biopharmaceutical companies wished to rebuild its existing mobile application, designed to make it easier for smokers to quit smoking, as a hybrid application built on the Ionic Framework. Modus Create's consultants worked directly with the client to provide product and team leadership, high-quality delivery, and lower the application's maintenance costs. The success of the project inspired the company to select Modus Create as a partner to lead its complete Agile transformation.

Our Work Involved

  • Migration of a native application to Ionic
  • UX redesign
  • Hybrid mobile application modernization
  • In-app gamification


  • Improved performance across devices
  • Reduced application costs
  • A single and hybrid codebase
  • Stronger user experience

8 hours after your last cigarette, your Carbon Monoxide levels become normal.

10 years after your last cigarette, the risk of lung cancer decreases to the levels of a non-smoker.

One of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies created a mobile app to help smokers in their journey between the two milestones. However, the app wasn't delivering great results, largely due to inconsistent experience across its two versions and a lack of engagement from its users.

Building the Hybrid Mobile App

The client was developing two separate builds - one for Android and one for iOS, which led to high maintenance and development costs. Additionally, this created an inconsistent user experience, missing features, and an overall lack of engagement on the application.

While the client was experienced in native and web development, it had never created a hybrid application before.

Modus Create's team comprising of a Product Manager, Architect, Senior UX Designer, UX Designer, QA Engineer, and Front-end Developers worked closely with the client's IT team to migrate their native application to Ionic. Following a product roadmap, the team worked in two-week, outcome-focused Agile sprints to deliver a high-performing hybrid mobile application.

The modernized application was created with Ionic, Redux, JavaScript Cordova, Angular2, PouchDB, TravisCI, and a custom API integration. The new application allowed users to register and sign in with email or Facebook, provided guided steps and tracking to assist smokers with the quitting process. It also gave access to tips and articles to help stop smoking and kept the user on track with local notifications.

Boosting Engagement with Gamification

Gamification is the process of using game mechanics to enhance user experience in non-game environments. For example, certain applications award you badges for continuous usage. This a simple example of boosting user engagement by rewarding desired behaviors. The team felt that gamification can play a vital role in improving engagement in an app focused on changing habits. 

The improved experience of the app encouraged users to seek counseling and medication from their healthcare provider. The migration from native to Ionic Framework made future maintenance easier. The new, gamified approach appealed to a wider audience and encouraged people interested in quitting smoking to take the next step. 

Thousands of smokers use the app to fight their addiction.
Thousands of smokers use the app to fight their addiction.

The Impact of Engagement

Modus Create's consultants successfully modernized and migrated the existing application to an Ionic hybrid build designed for reusability, and the client now has a single code base for future iOS and Android builds. By utilizing reusable components and hybrid codebases, Modus Create provided the client an improved and cost-effective way to support the mobile application in the long-term and provided them with a framework to develop new applications smarter and faster.  The engagement also enabled the biopharmaceutical company to help more people live longer and healthier and provide greater value to existing users through new features such as goal tracking. The success of this project caused the client to select Modus Create to lead a number of other projects for the business, including their Agile transformation.

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