Data from Environmental Data Resources (EDR) enables $1 trillion in transactions per year and its clients include some of the world’s largest financial services companies. It needed to develop and test reliable production environments to reduce time-to-market and improve software quality. Using a CI-driven process to package and deploy software to dynamically created environments, Modus executed an AWS deployment and Agile transformation that left a lasting impact on EDR's development process. 

Our Work Involved

  • Conducting Agile assessment
  • Introducing modernized version control system
  • Creating microservices architecture
  • Introducing CI solutions for testing and deployment


  • More efficient DevOps infrastructure
  • Reduced the SDLC
  • Automated test and development environments
  • Scalable cloud infrastructure with AWS

With over two decades of experience delivering the most comprehensive environmental risk data in the United States, EDR provides data and workflow tools to manage all aspects of property due diligence and compliance. 

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Modernizing Software Development

EDR had a series of manual test and production environments in the AWS console. These were configured through ad-hoc ticket driven processes. Our team needed to modernize and accelerate this process. A team of 50+ engineers, QA testers, business analysts, architects, and product managers from Modus Create joined hands with EDR’s development team to drive the project. 

The team performed a complete Agile transformation by overhauling EDR’s existing engineering practices. It introduced a modernized version control system, a microservices architecture for existing products, and CI solutions for testing and deployment.

Shortening the SDLC

AWS dramatically enhanced the capabilities of EDR’s platform and created a scalable cloud-based infrastructure. The deployment of AWS tools created a more efficient DevOps infrastructure, reducing the time it took to create new instances and shortening the SDLC. Automated creation of test and development environments provided EDR a reliable way to ensure new environments adhered to industry best practices.

Leveraging our AWS Partnership


As an AWS Select Consulting Partner, we have hands-on experience with a wide range of AWS products that have saved costs and improved performance for our various clients.

Modus Create combines the unmatched scale of AWS with our accredited and certified technical knowledge to deliver high-impact solutions for your organization.

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