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Customer insights fuel measurable impact

Usability issues across multiple products were leading to increased call center costs and lower revenue for Bright MLS, the largest Multiple Listing Service in the United States. Additionally, Bright (formerly MRIS) was in the midst of a merger and looking to unify two different user bases. Through user research, Modus consultants unlocked insights to lead a full product redesign. The new application more closely delivers on users’ needs, increasing revenue, and reducing call center costs associated with usability issues. The success of the project helped demonstrate the business impact of good design to leadership.



Bright MLS mainly needed to increase revenue from its digital products. And, they needed to reduce associated costs: usability was inundating their call center with UX-focused support calls every day. Finally, Bright was also in the midst of a merger — we needed to serve two user bases accustomed to different tools.



Modus first worked to understand Bright’s customers. We leveraged existing knowledge from product leaders. With provisional personas in hand, we then connected with real users to test those assumptions. We created interactive prototypes that we put in the hands of actual realtors to validate their product idea and collect learnings to reintegrate into the design process.



The evidence-based design process transformed their Keystone application and the experience for customers using it. The new app was both intuitive and powerful. It increased conversion and drove revenue for Bright MLS, and reduced the quantity of UX-focused customer support calls, saving Bright upwards of $600,000 in associated costs.


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The Modus Advantage

In a digitally transformed world, companies are defined by the value their digital products deliver to customers. At Modus, our extensive user research informs human-centric design. We build products that solve your customer’s problems and provide real business value.


Improved Application Usability

The improved application better aligned with user needs, increased subscription numbers, and eliminated costs to the business that stemmed from a high volume of customer support calls.

Customer-centric Design

By basing outcomes on feedback from real users, we were able to harmonize user experience and solve existing pain points, transforming Bright MLS' application.


Saved in call center costs stemming from app usability issues,

Demonstrated the value of good user experience as a competitive advantage within the organization.

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