Angular + React Become ReAngular


Angular and React developers have revealed this morning that they are planning to merge to create a completely new framework, ReAngular. The feud is finally over! Angular fanboys and React crusaders can now join together into one native-hybrid superpower! The ability to write a native and hybrid app in one fell swoop will cause an earthquake of industry disruption you will really sink into. As you can see represented by the logo, Angular is the driving core of the framework. It runs a dozen digest cycles in virtual DOM simultaneously, which was quite an engineering challenge to pull off. But, also as seen in the logo, the entire framework is really wrapped in React for insanely fast DOM updates.

ReAngular is Re-diculous!

Two of the newest and most exciting technological feats include:

  • Multi-parallel data-binding with four-way data-flow
  • Virtual Shadow DOM with optional Light, Dark AND Semi-Dark abstraction layers, providing access to the farthest reaches of the Internet.

Gone are the days of deciding between a web application, a hybrid application, or a native application. Now you have the freedom to code what you’ve been dreaming of: a natively hybrid web app!


Device-Platform-Browser-JavaScript Agnostic

Guess what? Legacy browsers are no sweat for the ReAngular framework.

Clients still using IE6? No problem!

JavaScript turned off by default? Who cares!

ReAngular doesn’t even require a browser! With the new supersubset of the TypeScript abstraction called UnScript, developers can write their JavaScript code as an embedded Java Applet, making scripting the ultimate breeze. Try to think of it this way: UnScript is to TypeScript as io.js is to node.js.

Apps write themselves.

“How”, you ask? The entire framework is wrapped in its own transclude, which was built from an abstraction of Macromedia Flash. Using obfuscated ActionScript code, Flux is entirely automated for optimal application architecture, supercharging even the newbiest of developers.

You don’t have to worry about anyone stealing your code, they won’t even be able to read it. They’ve scoured the pits of the Internet for legacy versions of Flash to ensure maximum code obscurity and obfuscation.

ReAngular was also written with free-range, single-origin, organic JavaScript so your vanilla and syntactical sugar can work together in perfect harmony.

With the recent news about ReAngular, we asked one of Modus’ own developers how the new framework will affect upcoming developments:

“At the end of the day, moving to the Semi-Dark DOM seems like the clearest solution. When I first heard about multi-parallel data binding, I literally had no idea what it meant, but it’s awesome and we LOVE the t-shirts!” – Michael Scott


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