Ext JS to React: Migration to Open Source


Worried about Migrating from Ext JS? Modus has the Answers

Idera’s acquisition of Sencha has left many people in the industry scratching their heads and wondering what might be next. How will it affect the long-term health of our products, the development community, and the framework’s licensing process?

If that describes your current state, we are here to tell you: fret no more. React is a well-funded, open-source alternative to Ext JS, and Modus has a deep bench of experts who can assist you through the migration process. We’ve summarized our successful client work in over 30 blog posts, with code snippets to prove it.

And here’s the best part: React represents a definite upgrade over Ext JS. Why?

– React’s simple, yet powerful API along with an active developer community has made it a true competitor in the application development space.
– It is MIT-licensed
– It comes with a robust companion library for mobile app development.
– It offers a promising new application development ecosystem using modern CSS and JavaScript that take advantage of the widespread retirement of legacy browsers.
– While the Sencha community has been shrinking, React’s is active and growing with thousands of open-source contributions that address most common use cases.

But where to start?

Our ongoing series explains all you need to know to migrate your applications from Ext JS to React and can direct you to many pre-built solutions that will save time and money. You can review the code from this article on the Ext JS to React Git repo.

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