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Test Automation

Getting Started with Test Automation Initiatives

Test automation can help lower costs, reduce delivery, and increase product quality. Modus’ QA Community of Experts shares tips for getting started with test automation and details the responsibilities of other departments for automated testing.

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Test Automation

Planning a Test Automation Strategy Based on the Test Pyramid

Automated testing can improve product quality and expedite delivery, but requires a well planned test automation strategy to ensure success. Modus’ QA Community of Experts shares best practices for planning a test automation strategy based on the Test Pyramid.

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Test Recorders for Automated Tests

Test Recorders for Web Automated Tests – Part 1

Test recorders empower QA teams without coding skills to create and execute automated tests more efficiently. Jakub Gladykowski details the capabilities of test recorders, commonly used tools, and more.

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We Need More QA

We Need More QA, Not Less

Strong quality assurance plays a critical role in all product development cycles, resulting in higher performance and smoother and faster releases. Without effective QA, product teams may end cutting corners, resulting in less impressive releases that reduce the product’s value.

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Test Automation Part IV

Python Automation Testing – innerText vs textContent

Moving too fast can cause issues in your test automation process, and without attention to detail, a web application build will not succeed. In the fourth article of our Python Automation Testing blog series, Sergiu Popescu discusses the importance of taking your time and “reading the manual”.

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Automation Testing with Pytest-BDD and Python3

Python3 comes upgraded with new QA features and testing tools. Learn how to setup Pytest-bdd with Python3 in the third article of Sergiu Popescu’s Python Automation Testing series.

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Screenplay Test Design Pattern

The Screenplay Test Design Pattern

The Screenplay Test Design Pattern, also known as the Flow Pattern, has been around since 2007 and can be used to address high costs associated with using the Page Object. Learn how to implement the Screenplay Test Design Pattern with Node.JS, WebdriveIO, and Cucumber.

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Test Assertions in C#

Integrating Test Assertions in C#

Properly integrating C# test assertions is key to producing quality test data, whether you’re new to C# or already working on a functioning framework.

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Test Data Featured Image

How to Use Test Data for Increased Software Quality

Test data is a major influencer of test reliability and should be the main concern of the people involved in writing the tests.

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Test Artifacts Featured Image

Pytest-bdd, TestRail, and Test Artifacts

This is part of the Python Automation Testing blog series. You can review the code from this article on the Python Automation Git repo. Many QAs have a tendency to minimize the information they record when testing. This can vary from not recording the test data used, to having no written Test Cases. The challenge…

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