user research mistakes

Avoid These 6 Common User Research Mistakes

If not done well, user research becomes just another vanity project. But if done well, it can be a cheat code to outpace your competitors. Check out six common mistakes that you should avoid in your next user research project.

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Forget Methodologies, Focus on Customers

Forget Methodologies, Focus on Customers

Brec Hanson discusses four popular customer-centric methodologies in this post – Agile, Lean, waterfall, and design thinking. Learn their strengths and weaknesses and how they can help organizations balance innovation, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

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Recover Your Creativity in 24 Hours

How to Restore Your Creativity in 24 Hours

Product design requires strong problem solving skills, but even the most experienced designers get worn out. Jonathan Van Dalen shares how a 24-hour reset helped him increase productivity and restore creativity. 

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User Research Is Your Cheat Code

User research limits risk and helps businesses better understand their customers, attract new market segments, and generate new business. JD Jones shares insight into the benefits of user research and how it has fueled innovation and competitive advantage for Modus clients.

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A/B Testing and Test Automation Modus Create Blog Header

When to Consider Setting Up A/B Testing

A/B testing enables teams to measure the impact of their work and better understand how their customers behave, but can waste resources and limit growth when used incorrectly. Sr. Product Strategist Vera Ginzburg shares insight on when to use and when to not use A/B testing and tips for delivering more valuable products.

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Remote Workshops Are The Killer App for 2020 Modus Create Product Strategy Blog Header Image

Remote Workshops Are the Killer App for 2020

For teams struggling to adjust to working from home, the loss of in-person meetings can hinder their ability to deliver strategic outcomes, gain internal alignment, and coordinate on deliverables. Learn how to leverage remote workshops to fuel effective collaboration in this article.

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Visualizations Designathon Modus Customer Experience Header Image

Crafting Visualizations Designathon

This past June, Modus’ UX team held a designathon to generate new ways to better visualize, understand, and analyze data. Learn more about the designathon and take a look at our team’s designs in the latest Modus blog.

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Google Heart Metrics to Measure Customer Success Header Image

Adapting Google’s HEART Framework to Measure Customer Success

Setting the right KPIs allows you to analytically track and evaluate work to drive more successful outcomes. Read how Modus adapted Google’s HEART framework to measure customer success and learn how to use KPIs to make more meaningful decisions.

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Product Design Is More Than What You Can See Modus Customer Experience Blog Header Image

Product Design Is More Than You See

Successful products prioritize safety, usability, and reliability, and are designed with power, meaning, and purpose in mind. This article shares key questions to ask when designing and building a digital product and gives tips for delivering meaningful product design.

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Stop Asking Would You Use This Modus Customer Experience Blog Header

Stop Asking “Would You Use This?”

Building a new product or implementing a new feature costs time and money – asking the right questions before getting started can accelerate a successful digital product build. Learn how to use Lean Startup methodology to decrease business risk.

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