User Personas

Create User Personas You’ll Actually Use

Most user personas are a great way to understand the hobbies of fictional Shutterstock characters, not so much for elevating product development.  Personas can be like gym memberships. Everyone buys…

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Introduction to Customer Journey Mapping

A Simple Introduction to Customer Journey Mapping

Today, the vast majority of brand touchpoints are digital. Successful brands understand the importance of each user interaction. That’s why they are the masters of delivering not just products or…

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9 Tips to Nail Your Next Design Presentation

9 Tips to Nail Your Next Design Presentation

Presenting our designs to clients and stakeholders is a crucial part of being a designer. The better we present, the better we can persuade stakeholders and get buy-in for our…

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User Research Methods

11 User Research Methods You Should Know

Research plays a vital role in creating user-centric products. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular user research methods used across industries worldwide.  If there is one…

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user research mistakes

Avoid These 6 Common User Research Mistakes

If not done well, user research becomes just another vanity project. But if done well, it can be a cheat code to outpace your competitors. Check out six common mistakes that you should avoid in your next user research project.

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Recover Your Creativity in 24 Hours

How to Restore Your Creativity in 24 Hours

Product design requires strong problem solving skills, but even the most experienced designers get worn out. Jonathan Van Dalen shares how a 24-hour reset helped him increase productivity and restore creativity. 

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User Research Is Your Cheat Code

User research limits risk and helps businesses better understand their customers, attract new market segments, and generate new business. JD Jones shares insight into the benefits of user research and how it has fueled innovation and competitive advantage for Modus clients.

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Visualizations Designathon Modus Customer Experience Header Image

Crafting Visualizations Designathon

This past June, Modus’ UX team held a designathon to generate new ways to better visualize, understand, and analyze data. Learn more about the designathon and take a look at our team’s designs in the latest Modus blog.

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Product Design Is More Than What You Can See Modus Customer Experience Blog Header Image

Product Design Is More Than You See

Successful products prioritize safety, usability, and reliability, and are designed with power, meaning, and purpose in mind. This article shares key questions to ask when designing and building a digital product and gives tips for delivering meaningful product design.

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