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Scaled Agile

Scaled Agile – Why? When? How?

Scaled Agile empowers organizations with many teams to plan, coordinate, and track work on large initiatives. This blog post provides insight into why, when, and how organizations should consider adopting Scaled Agile. 

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Atlassian Summit Recap

Atlassian 2020 Summit Recap – Taming Remote Chaos

At last week’s Atlassian Summit, Atlassian shared the new ways Atlassian’s tool suite is boosting productivity and transparency for distributed teams. Cyndy Bunte shares her learnings from the event and breaks down new features coming to Jira and Confluence.

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Atlassian Cloud Summit Recap

Atlassian 2020 Summit Recap – Cloud for Everyone

Atlassian Remote Summit announced new premiere features for cloud and revealed the organization’s vision for the future of teamwork. Josh Kochelek shares his learnings from the 2020 Summit, breaks down Atlassian’s new upgrades to support teams of all sizes, Atlassian Cloud, and more.

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JQL Operations

Master Advanced Historical Operators for JQL Search

As teams expand, take on new work, and continue to push to meet deadlines, it grows increasingly likely that an issue will be lost in the mix. Teams can use JQL and historic operators to search through your Jira instance’s history – learn how!

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Transition to More Powerful Jira Workflows

Transition to More Powerful Jira Workflows

Modus Project Manager and Atlassian Expert, Cyndy Bunte, spoke at the Washington DC and Northern Virginia Atlassian User Groups last week.

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Cloud Option Modus and Atlassian

Atlassian – Self-hosted Cloud vs. Self-hosted In House

Atlassian Data Center products can be hosted a number of different ways. Andy Dennis and Chris Nicosia break down the pros and cons of AWS, Azure, and on premises hosting for Atlassian products.

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Preparing for the ACP300 Exam

How to Prepare for Atlassian’s ACP-300 Exam

Prove your knowledge of Agile development and Jira Software by earning the ACP-JSW certification from Atlassian. Modus’ Samantha Park and Sergiu Bacanu wrote a guide to conquering the ACP-300 exam and earning the ACP-JSW designation.

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Statuses in Jira

Taking Advantage of Status and Status Categories in Jira

Statuses in Atlassian’s Jira help product management teams organize, prioritize, and track where issues are in their lifecycle. Learn the best practices and applications of Jira Statuses from Modus’ Dave Collins.

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How to Prepare for Atlassian’s ACP-600 Exam

Passing the ACP-600 exam will earn you the AC-JPA designation, one of the newest certifications from Atlassian. The exam tests your skills with project administration in Jira Server. Learn how to best prepare for and pass the exam from Samantha Park and Sergiu Bacanu.

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Which Jira is Best For You Software Portfolio or Align

Which Jira Product is Best for You?

Atlassian’s recent acquisition of AgileCraft added a new product, Jira Align, to the Jira Arsenal. Learn more about the three Jira products: Jira Software, Portfolio for Jira, and Jira Align, and see how each product can fit your organization’s needs.

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