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DevOps Transformation on AWS

EDR needed to reliably create, develop, and test production environments. Modus Create used a CI-driven process to package and deploy software to dynamically created environments and improve testing. This AWS deployment and Agile transformation helped EDR better serve large-scale financial institutions that were their clients.

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Customer Experience

Elevating Customer Experience and Reducing Support Costs


Bright MLS challenged us to bolster revenue by launching new premium products and reduce customer support calls through a simplified user experience. Plus, Bright was in the midst of a merger — we needed to serve two user bases accustomed to different tools.

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Scaling Collaboration with Confluence

Empower Knowledge Sharing with Atlassian Tools

Modus migrated a large online retailer's Confluence instance into the cloud and built an upgraded, customized intranet portal to enable knowledge management. This migration supported thousands of users, and ensured scalability and consistency for the organization.

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Atlassian Cloud Migration Modernizes Operations

CLIENT: PEF Services

PEF Services, a boutique financial services consulting firm, was looking to streamline software development by providing their team the latest and greatest in Atlassian software. After recognizing the need for guidance and support from an experienced outside firm, PEF selected Modus to lead the modernization.

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Product Strategy

Improving Engagement with Members


The Event Test Kitchen is a concept that would allow consumers to suggest new event ideas and weigh-in on potential event content by voting on event ideas suggested by others. Our role was to research whether users would use the Event Test Kitchen as a means for driving better event content in their area and whether they saw AARP as a natural provider of events they would go to.

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Atlantic Wire

Product Strategy

Building for iPad on HTML5 and Sencha Touch

CLIENT: The Atlantic

Serving curated content in a user-friendly interface became critical to continued success for The Atlantic. Modus Create leveraged its partnership with Sencha to design and build an application using HTML5. The app delivered magazine content in a beautiful digital experience to match readers' changing preferences and created new advertising revenue streams for the company.

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