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JS Performance Tips and Tricks

JavaScript Performance Tips & Tricks

July 31, 2012

Some say spending time developing for performance is not worth it when hardware upgrades are usually a cheaper alternative. If I would tell them that spending 10 minutes reading this could save more than 50 new upgrades with simple code improvements that account for a 50x+ performance increase, do you think they would listen? From…

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Sencha Touch 2.0 – Carousel and fireShowEvent()

July 16, 2012

Recently, I came across a requirement where I needed to know when a Sencha Touch 2.0 Carousel Item is shown to the user (active item 0) to render an advertisement and when an item is hidden, to remove that advertisement from view. What I’ve learned is that the Carousel currently does not fire show or…

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Expert Ext JS: Reading and Writing Structured Data

July 13, 2012

Often times front-end developers don’t have the option to change server-side behavior. This can be highly frustrating. I’ll discuss a few scenarios which Ext JS does not handle, but can be achieved with some relatively simple extensions.

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Sencha Touch 2 Touch Events Re-firing

July 11, 2012

While generally we try to avoid native browser alert() and confirm() we sometimes have no control over their use. I have come across a situation where working in a Native iOS app that a certain call caused a confirm dialog to pop up. This call was triggered from a tap event on a custom button.…

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Ext JS Model Associations Across Independent API Calls

July 9, 2012

A few weeks back, Rob Boerman reached out to us with questions about creating linkages between models. As our de facto Associations expert, I talked it through with him. His use case is one that, while not supported by the Sencha frameworks, is something I think would be very interesting to the community. To sum…

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Bolded folder names in Sublime Text 2

July 6, 2012

By now you probably have heard about Sublime Text 2. It’s a fantastic text editor, and my personal favorite. One of the biggest downfalls of ST2, in my humble opinion, is the sidebar. You should install SideBarEnhancements to get started, but that doesn’t help with scanning the scaffolding of a large project. Making folder names…

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Expert Ext JS: Associations in Forms

June 18, 2012

Associations were a major addition to the data package in Ext JS 4 and, to me at least, appeared to be a great answer to problems I had faced repeatedly. Unfortunately, I found them less useful in practice than on paper and they seem to be a source of confusion for many developers. However, when creating my Form Panel extension I realized a very natural use case.

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Expert Ext JS: Model Integration in Forms

June 11, 2012

In Ext JS 4, the data package received a lot of attention and the improvements made were, for the most part, quite impressive. However, the interplay between models and forms remains lackluster. Many folks building a full Ext JS app are not likely to use normal form submission, so getting forms to play nice with models can have significant benefits. With models truly bound to forms, performing normal create, read and update operations can easily take advantage of Proxies, Readers and Writers through Model’s clean API. As it turns out, it’s quite easy…

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LESS Tips & Tricks

January 5, 2012

By now you have probably heard of LESS (or SASS). CSS pre-processors have been around for quite some time now. Even I was slow to adopt a CSS pre-processor solution for my projects, and I can’t quite put my finger on why that is. Perhaps I felt that CSS was simple enough to not need…

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