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When to Consider Setting Up A/B Testing

A/B testing enables teams to measure the impact of their work and better understand how their customers behave, but can waste resources and limit growth when used incorrectly. Sr. Product Strategist Vera Ginzburg shares insight on when to use and when to not use A/B testing and tips for delivering more valuable products.

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How to Execute Effective Automated Tests

Effective automated tests speed up delivery, reduce errors, and deliver better products. However, incorrectly implementing test automation can increase costs and delay delivery. Our QA Community of Experts wrote about how to execute valuable automated tests.

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Innovation - Between Chaos and Standardization Modus Create Product Strategy Blog Header Image

Innovation – Between Chaos and Standardization

Innovation has become a priority for businesses across the globe, yet many business leaders do not understand what innovation is or how to measure it. This article provides valuable insight to leadership on identifying and driving innovation.

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Remote Workshops Are The Killer App for 2020 Modus Create Product Strategy Blog Header Image

Remote Workshops Are the Killer App for 2020

For teams struggling to adjust to working from home, the loss of in-person meetings can hinder their ability to deliver strategic outcomes, gain internal alignment, and coordinate on deliverables. Learn how to leverage remote workshops to fuel effective collaboration in this article.

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Crafting Visualizations Designathon

This past June, Modus’ UX team held a designathon to generate new ways to better visualize, understand, and analyze data. Learn more about the designathon and take a look at our team’s designs in the latest Modus blog.

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The 15 Best New Features in Laravel 8

Laravel 8 released on September 8th and brought many new features that improve the Laravel UI and developer experience. Take a look at the 15 best new features available in Laravel 8.

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Modus Authors Release New Book, Docker for Developers

Three Modus team members wrote Docker for Developers, an expansive new book covering best practices for security, creating containers, and much more.

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Multiculturalism, Diversity, and Inclusion at Modus Create

The Value of Multiculturalism at Modus

As Modus grows, ensuring the presence of diversity, inclusion, and a strong employee experience is top priority. Ignacio Solano reflects on his internship at Modus and multiculturalism at work.

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State Machines in Production Header Image Modus Agile

State Machines in Production

Implementing state machines into your software development processes helps codify business rules and gives developers control over application state. But, they can be challenging to manage at scale. Evaluate if state machines are right for you with insights from Modus team.

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Getting Started with Test Automation Initiatives

Test automation can help lower costs, reduce delivery, and increase product quality. Modus’ QA Community of Experts shares tips for getting started with test automation and details the responsibilities of other departments for automated testing.

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