Jira projects

Company-Managed vs Team-Managed Projects in Jira

This article will introduce you to team-managed and company-managed projects in Jira and help you pick the right option for your team.  In 2018, Atlassian launched Next-Gen projects for Jira Cloud to provide project administrators the ability to fully manage their projects, without requiring Jira administrators to add new statuses to the workflow or new…

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asynchronous communication

8 Tips to Master Asynchronous Communication

Think about all the good things about remote work — flexibility, opportunities, less commute, more family time… Now think about the problems it can cause —  zoom fatigue, stress, the always-on culture… What if you had a magic wand that would let you keep all the good stuff without all the chaff.  That wand is…

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Codeless Testing

Codeless Testing – A Complete Overview

Looking for quick automation solutions with minimal coding and faster time to market? Manual testers can also perform automation development with little coding knowledge. This article gives you a complete overview of codeless testing — from its evolution and tools to myths and approaches. Evolution of Automation Testing Initially, manual testing involved writing test cases…

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Why Do Most Startups Struggle to Scale?

Why Do Most Startups Struggle to Scale?

It’s one thing to validate your idea in the market. It’s a completely different skill to scale it. Many startups struggle to carry the momentum of the initial growth spurt. See why.

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Revisiting Our Digital Transformation Predictions for 2021

Welcome to quarter three, 2021. The first half of the year whizzed past us all. While the pandemic still dominates the headlines, the post-Covid world has started to take shape.  Towards the end of 2020, we made five predictions on digital transformation trends for 2021. These predictions spanned various areas of business:  from marketing, engineering,…

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Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership – 4 Real-World Examples

There are two ways to talk about transformational leadership.  We can dive deep into the academic theory created by Bruce Avolio and Bernard Bass in 1991 and understand how it fits into the broader Full Range Leadership Model.  Or, we can look at some real-world examples of organizations displaying transformational leadership and let their stories…

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react native graphql autocomplete

How to Set Up React Native Autocomplete with a GraphQL Cache

This short tutorial will show you how to use GraphQL cache for scenarios where you need a fast response and good performance. But first, what is a cache? A cache is an interface that can help us store Request/Response object pairs. It preserves resources by saving or storing data from requests usually in memory, and…

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Security Assessment

Security Assessment: Introduction, Process, and More

Learn more about our approach and process to a security assessment. Identify risks and get an actionable remediation plan for cybersecurity threats.

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QA Challenges in API Testing

Top QA Challenges in API Testing

In the last article, “How to Effectively Implement API Testing,” we learned about the API implementation concepts and their best practices. This article focuses on the practical challenges we faced while testing APIs and their best possible solutions. As per the latest State of API report, there is a massive spike in the companies taking…

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github naming semantics

Try a Semantic Approach to Naming GitHub Repositories

If not done well, user research becomes just another vanity project. But if done well, it can be a cheat code to outpace your competitors. Check out six common mistakes that you should avoid in your next user research project.

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