If you hate Jira, talk to your administrator

By Mike Rathwell

Fixing individual pain points with Jira could have a positive effect on your whole organization. Here are tips for talking to your admin, from a Jira admin.

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Following the sun means following the art of asynchronous communication

By Caroline Adams

In order to prevent 24/7 anarchy, successful FTS teams have a not-so-secret weapon up their sleeves  — asynchronous communication.

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Migrating Atlassian applications from server to cloud: FAQ

By Italo Qualisoni

Starting your cloud migration journey can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are seven FAQs on migrating Atlassian applications from server to the cloud.

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Jira Product Discovery: Atlassian’s new tool for product managers

By Leonardo Escuciato

Jira Product Discovery is a new tool by Atlassian for product managers. Learn how it can help you bring your ideas to life.

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7 hacks for highly successful Jira automation

By Boris Berenberg

Want to up your automation game? Here are seven out-of-the-box Jira automation hacks that you can use to enhance and extend Jira Service Desk.

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Why “techsplaining” is a bad idea for system admins

By Mike Rathwell

If you are looking for an “insert tab A into slot B” technical article… Sorry.…

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