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Modus Create's free, in-person Executive Summit in Arlington, VA was focused on optimizing productivity in the modern development environment. This event gave tech leaders a chance to gain unparalleled insights into the latest trends, tools, and techniques that drive developer success. We had a wide-range agenda full of sessions that targeted leaders interested in increasing the velocity and quality of their engineering organization.


Catch up on featured sessions from Atlassian, GitHub, and our client, Wayfair!


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Sessions from our speakers

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Streamlining DevOps: A Strategic Approach to Test Automation

Joel Gerbino
Director, QA, Modus Create

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Navigating Complexity: Scaling Software Development with Monorepos

Aloïs Cochard
Senior Consultant, Modus Create

Mark Q

How to Measure Dev Productivity and Understand the Effects of Those Measurements

Mark Quigley
Director of Engineering, Engineering Enablement, Wayfair

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Developer Productivity and GitHub's Copilot, Codespaces, Shifting Security Left, Search

Andrew Weiss
Field CTO, Public Sector, GitHub

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Harnessing the Power of Internal Developer Platforms

Clément Hurlin
Director, Engineering, Modus Create

Caio Bailoni

Optimizing Software Developer Productivity with the Atlassian Tool Stack

Caio Bailoni
Senior Solution Engineer, Atlassian

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