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Digital Transformation Trends to Watch for in 2021

5 Digital Transformation Trends for 2021

To succeed in the coming years, businesses must drive innovation and digital transformation proactively. Modus’ Pat Sheridan, Jay Garcia, and Drew Falkman discuss 5 emerging trends and how to leverage them to break into new markets, attract top talent, and drive revenue in 2021.

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Mental Health and Remote Work Working From Home Blog Header Image

Mental Health and Remote Work

Outside of increasing productivity, working remotely helps improve team members’ mental health and gives them more time for their family and friends. Human Resources Administrator Ignacio Solano discusses how remote workers at Modus and at businesses across the globe benefit from the opportunity to work from home. 

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Innovation - Between Chaos and Standardization Modus Create Product Strategy Blog Header Image

Innovation – Between Chaos and Standardization

Innovation has become a priority for businesses across the globe, yet many business leaders do not understand what innovation is or how to measure it. This article provides valuable insight to leadership on identifying and driving innovation.

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Startup Sidekick Modus Create Remote Team Culture Blog Header Image

Startup Sidekick – Building and Maintaining Culture on Remote Teams

As businesses accelerate their adoption of remote work policies, leadership must prioritize the employee experience to fuel successful distributed teams. Modus Co-Founder and Managing Partner Pat Sheridan joined the Startup Sidekick podcast to discuss building culture among distributed teams.

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Insights from an Intern Modus Create Blog Header Image

Insights from an Intern: One Month at Modus Create

Modus’ summer internship program gives current students an opportunity to learn new skills and work side-by-side with our team. Timmy Vu’s new blog for Modus highlights his growth and recent achievements during his first month at Modus.

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Interning at Modus Create during COVID-19

Joining Modus Create During COVID-19

Modus Intern Timmy Vu shares his experience starting his internship at Modus Create in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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5 Ways the Product Community Can Inspire the World

How the Product Community Can Inspire – Frameworks

COVID-19 is a serious threat to global health, and a disruptor to businesses and social ecosystems around the world. By following these 5 principles commonly used by product and UX teams, organizations can come together to make the future a brighter place.

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Values of a Remote First Company

Transitioning Your Organization to a Remote First Workforce

Organizations all over the world are rapidly finding out successful remote work is easier said than done. Sarah McCasland solves common obstacles firms encounter during a shift to remote-first workforce.

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Modus News Entrepreneur In Residence Header Image

Introducing the Modus Create 2020 Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Introducing Larelle Clark, the first Modus Create Entrepreneur-in-Residence. This program provides a deserving startup founder and CEO one year of mentorship and support from the Modus Create team.

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COVID19 Distributed Computing

Modus Helps Fight COVID-19 with Distributed Computing

People and companies all over the world are rallying to help fight COVID-19. Learn about some of these initiatives and what Modus is doing to help.

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