AWS Acme Instant Tunnel Modus Security Blog Header Image

Automating Temporary SSH Access with AWS Acme Instant Tunnel

A Modus Labs team built AWS Acme Instant Tunnel to enable developers to temporarily allow SSH access to AWS resources. Learn more about how this contribution simplifies working with EC2 and reduces the risk of security threats and human error.

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Ionic-Vue Library Modus Create Ionic Framework and Vue JS Partners Blog Header

Getting Started with Modus Ionic-Vue

Looking for a way to build web and mobile applications with seamless UI? Bridge together Vue 3 and Ionic 5 and build beautiful, performant applications from scratch using Modus’ Ionic-Vue library.

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JAMStack - Performance, Security, and SEO Modus Create Blog Header Image

Improve Performance, Security, and SEO with JAMStack

Building a website with JAMStack drives website performance, security, and SEO and reduces costs, and is the Modus Laravel Community of Experts’ favorite architecture. The latest blog post from the Laravel Community of Experts shares insight into the benefits of JAMStack and recommended tools for getting started.

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Improve E-Commerce Performance with Asynchronous Messaging Modus AWS Partner Header Image

Improving E-Commerce Performance with Asynchronous Messaging

E-commerce websites unable to handle traffic spikes lose money due to poor customer experiences. Use asynchronous messaging to prevent application failure and drive revenue.

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Interning at Modus Create during COVID-19

Joining Modus Create During COVID-19

Modus Intern Timmy Vu shares his experience starting his internship at Modus Create in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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21 Best Practices for Migrating to React JS

21 Best Practices for Migrating to React JS

Migrating to Reactjs can improve conversion rates and reduce time and cost to deliver new features and bug fixes. Learn 21 best practices for migrating to Reactjs from the experts at Modus.

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REST to GraphQL

Switching from REST to GraphQL

Experiencing poor API performance with REST? Migrating from REST to GraphQL can dramatically improve API performance and requires less code. Learn more about the power of GraphQL and tips for migration in our new article.

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Be Pushy with HTTP/2 Header Image

Be Pushy with HTTP/2

HTTP/2 lets developers improve load time up to 135%, improving website performance, user experience, and conversion. Learn how to improve site speed with server push from Senior Full Stack Engineer Mitchell Simoens.

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Serverless and DevOps

Will Serverless Kill the DevOps Star?

A maturation of serverless solutions has led many software leaders to predict a decline in necessity for DevOps. Robert Flagg examines the impact serverless has and will have on organizations and the need for new DevOps approaches in our new blog article.

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Internet of Things Home Automation

Internet of Things – Home Automation

In the past few years, there has been an explosion of growth in the Internet of Things space with a number of competing technologies and device manufacturers focusing on Home Automation. Mike Schwartz shares insights on some of the commercially available options to automate your home.

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